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I just received a letter about a foreclosure sale on the house that I am renting.?

I needed to know if my lease would remain in affect and if not do I have to move on the sale date.

Should I continue to make payments on my house even though we’re about to sell it through a short sale?

Our realtor is surprised that we have continued to make payments on our house thru the drawn out short sale process. I know that most people who choose a short sale have already defaulted on their loan, however, we have not. We’ve never paid late. We’re very dedicated to having a clean credit report. (We … Continue reading

If a house is about to be foreclosed on in one month, can a short sale prolong that process’?

If a house is in the middle of a short sale, can the bank still foreclose on the house. Or is there still hope?

How do you go about purchasing a house that is ‘for sale by owner’?

I want to purchase a home in Texas that is being sold by the owner rather than a realtor. I have checked into land value and property values around here. The house is actually at a very good price, and had a good inspection. How do I go about purchasing a home like this? Do … Continue reading

Question about Estate House Sale?

Hi, My mom passed away last August and we just recently sold her home. We have paid all claims etc, and now are dividing the profits as she noted in her will. I just do not know how I find out what taxes I will owe. All amounts are below 60K. I live in DC, … Continue reading

BUSINESS COLUMN: Curiosity high about trendy downtown store

BUSINESS COLUMN: Curiosity high about trendy downtown store A staggering 5,000 people came through the door of the new Trendz Interiors store the weekend it opened in early June. People were curious to see the new custom decorating store that moved into the former Taylor’s Furniture building on Christina Street, says Trendz interior decorator Rosie … Continue reading

How do you go about putting your house for sale on the internet?


What should I know about buying a “short sale” house?

I understand there is no warranty and the buyer has to pay all the closing costs. Can I offer lower than the short sale listing price?

how do i go about getting a grant for a renovation project to a historical site in MS?

I am a real estate agent who has listed a home in a community with alot of history. It is a foreclosure and the previous owners didn’t take care of the home, which is rich with history. I have been talking to the new mayor of the city but she doesn’t have a clue how … Continue reading

How do I go about job shadowing for a real estate agent?

im 16 and im doing this graduation project for school. Im really interested in being a real estate agent after college (preferrably beach houses) So for my project I was thinking about job shadowing for a realtor. I live in montgomery county Pa and I was wondering if anyone had a clue of where I … Continue reading

Biz bits: News about Snohomish County businesses and business people

Biz bits: News about Snohomish County businesses and business people Sno-Isle Libraries has hired Kendra Trachta as its new deputy director. Trachta has 20 years experience, most recently as the assistant director of public services for San Antonio Public Library.

What is the most important point about showing the interior of a house for sale?

I have heard stick with light colored, neutral walls. I hate to paint my beautiful blue front room. Will it be necessary?

A Question about Home Renovations…?

I am trying to build an interrogation room a few stories underground… For the peace and quiet, you know. Any suggestions for add-ons and primitive devices of, um, information gathering? I really am not into high-tech gadgets of sophistication, like lie-detectors… I am able to detect the truth through the octave of pitch. Anyway, suggestions … Continue reading

How do I go about selling my home without a realtor?

We are getting ready to sell our home in Covedale (Western Hills). We just bought it a year and a half ago but have already outgrown it- my mother-in-law moved in! We have done extensive renovations and it is a beautiful house. The problem is we need to at least get what we paid for … Continue reading

How can I go about finding a Real Estate Agent?

How can I go about finding a Real Estate Agent? I live in DC sorry a real estate agent to buy.

All You Need To Know About House Alarm Systems

Does anyone know anything about Renovation Financing?

I’m thinking of purchasing a home in a great area that’s well under market and fixing it up but I was thinking of using a Renovation Loan to do it. What are the pros and cons of this?

Johann Hari: This budget was about taking from you, and giving to the rich

Johann Hari: This budget was about taking from you, and giving to the rich There was a moment in the speech when it seemed for a second George had glimpsed where he has been going so badly wrong; and why every time he announces his policies Britain’s growth rate collapses further. He held up Ireland … Continue reading

how can i become a real estate agent, what is the best way to go about being educated about oppurtunities?

i want to become a real estate agent. i just dont know how. any help would be appreciated tremendously!

UCLA unhappy about auction of Pauley court

UCLA unhappy about auction of Pauley court UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said the school is “extremely disappointed” that the original round center section of basketball court at Pauley Pavilion is to be auctioned.