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Best way to minimize taxes on sale of a house.?

I am getting ready to sell a house in Lousiana. I moved to Kansas a couple of years ago for a job, and bought a house here last year with no money down (it was all tied up in the other house). I am concerned that I will show a decent profit on the old … Continue reading

If I want to post my house for sale, what’s the best website (besides craigslist) to post it on?

Or what type of simple marketing plan can I pursue to make sure my house listing have the widest reach?

Where’s the best place to advertise my house for sale?

I’m looking for online websites, but any offline suggestions are welcome. For free or minimal cost. Thanks

What is the best website to list my house for sale with.?

What is the best way to advertise the sale of my house to people out of state?

I live in FL and want to advertise my house to people in other states. I have it on Realtor.com, but has anyone found any better ways to advertise real estate?

What is the cheapest and what is the best way to do a title search on a house for sale?

Best free websites for viewing house-for-sale listings?

I am trying to buy a house whether it’s a foreclosure, short sale or regular listing. What is the best website for viewing real-time listings? I am looking at trulia but it doesn’t update as soon as the homes are listed. I am looking for a site that updates listings daily.

When is the best time to list a house for sale?

Three months or three years?

City honors the best in green building

City honors the best in green building share: digg facebook twitter From affordable homes built by students to veterinary buildings, the awards went to projects that took extra steps to improve energy performance and water conservation. The campus, located in the Bulverde Village neighborhood, received a gold-level certification through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental … Continue reading

Best way to get my house for sale exposure?

I am selling my special 2nd living quarters ranch house in North Carolina. I have a realtor but want to get MAXIMUM exposure. what are some free websites to put my house on! PS. i already have done craigslist, ebay classifides plz help

Where is the best web sites to list my house for sale. I am not using a realtor.?

I sold my last house 10 years ago using “for sale buy owner.com and I had very good results but it cost me $3,000 for pictures and lisitings. I would like to try it by myself this time since the Internet has gotten so much bigger. Can anyone help. I live 30 miles north of … Continue reading

Whats the best way for a Real Estate Agent to get Leads?

Looking to get into Real Estate, would like to know whats the best way to advertise yourself to get people to use you and not another agent. I don’t know to many people, so networking within my group of friends and family isn’t going to go to far.

Who is the best real estate agent in Corpus Christi TX and why?

I am looking to put my house in the market and I am looking for the best Real Estate Agent in Corpus Christi TX. Can you name him/her and why.

Is it best to use a broker or real estate agent to find an apartment in NYC for a first time renter?

Is it better to just deal with a broker or real estate agent when renting in New York City? I am moving from out of state to attend school. There for, I know nothing about the best places to live. I have been there before, but still have no idea what’s a good deal. How … Continue reading

What’s the best way for a US citizen to find a real estate agent in Mexico? Google?

We’ve visited Mexico many time and now are considering buying property there. What’s the best way for us to find a good real estate agent there, assuming we have no personal contact or recommendations?

What is the one best type of saw to buy for home remodeling. We have a circular saw already.?

I have heard of compound miter saws, chop saws, table saws, etc. We have finish work to do from the walls out in basement, attic, garage and room over garage, and repair and renovation in the rest of the house. What shall we purchase rather than rent by the day or week?

What are the best advertising methods for a Real Estate Agent?

If you are a Real Estate Agent / Broker, can you share some of the best advertising methods you’ve used and a ball park cost of them?

Where is the best place online to advertise a for sale by owner house?

Please let me know where to advertise for sale by owners houses, the cost, and why it is a good place.

Which would be the best brokerage for a new real estate agent to join in Houston, Texas?

I am looking into getting my real estate license and even though I know the names of the reputable brokerages in Houston, I don’t know, from the perspective of an agent, which is the brokerage with the most, or the best, support for new agents.

What is the best style of house to purchase for renovation/resale?

Does anyone know if there has been a poll or study done to compare the types of homes (ranch, condo, multi-story cluster home etc.) that yield the best return, on average? I know this varies depending on the area, but any stats in general,or Atlanta area in particular, would be appreciated.