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How does buying a house through a Tax Sale work?

My husband wants to buy a house through a tax sale he says at the beginning of the year at the courthouse you can get a list of houses coming up for sale, he says that you can get a house VERY cheap like 600 to 5000.00 is tht true? BUT do you have to … Continue reading

I was interesting in buying a house that is for sale buy owner.?

I have my own realtor but the seller , don’t want me to use my realtor so he want have to buy him comission. He said he would let me use my realtor but he would up the price of the house. So he could pay him commission and still get the asking price of … Continue reading

Buying a short sale house requirements?

I was wondering if buying a foreclosed home in Manteca,CA would required me to put a down payment when buying the home? If so what is the minimum required? I would prefer not putting any thing down for a downpayment at all. Im actually trying to buy a new home but they require 3% down … Continue reading

buying a for sale by owner house – offer letter?

I found a for fsbo house to buy and am planning to use a real estate attorney to review or to draw up a contract. My question is about the offer letter. I have financing, and know that title and inspection are the other things I need to worry about after that. The sellers are … Continue reading

Risks of buying a house on short sale?

Hello guys, I have seen 2 houses that are on short sale, since the value of the house has gone down because of the present real estate market. Are there any risks that a buyer has to take by buying such houses? Any feedback willbe highly appreciated Thanks Ram

Buying a house that is not for sale?

I want to buy the house i grew up in its not for sale or rent i wouldn’t say its abandoned or anything but no one is living there and it has a no trespassing sign on it i figured its the city government or the banks property now is there any way i could … Continue reading

What does the term “short sale” mean when buying a forclosed house?

The house is in foreclosure and has been auctioned off for 25 thousand but the owner has 6 months to sell the home for more? He offered it to me for 35 thousand and is calling it a “short sale” Has anyone ever heard of that? I’ve never bought a home before so ANY advice … Continue reading

What should I know about buying a “short sale” house?

I understand there is no warranty and the buyer has to pay all the closing costs. Can I offer lower than the short sale listing price?

Buying a house that is on short sale?

My family was house hunting and we saw this house that we would like to buy becuase it was such a deal. But the thing is, it’s a home that is a short sale. From my understanding the bank hasn’t even approve the selling price. Is buying a short sale even worth my time? The … Continue reading

buying a house “for sale by owner”. how does it work?

I found a really nice, small house for sale by owner(a minister actually). i’m a first-time buyer so how does this work? walk me through the steps if you can! how much cash will we actually have to pay up front?(not including the mortgage loan or down payment) all the answers i got were exactly … Continue reading

Does anyone have any experience in buying a house that is in a short sale?

I am currently trying to buy a house that was recently put in a short sale. What is the difference in buying a home from seller as opposed to a short sale?

What will buying a house on a short sale mean? I am closing in 2 days…?

I am closing on a house in 2 days and when I contacted my realtor today, aparently the seller is trying to get a short sale approved. My realtor has been working on this for the past couple of weeks, I’ve had no knowledge of this. The seller had signed off on a contract stating … Continue reading

Is a real estate agent paid a commission when buying?

I just want to know if a real estate agent is paid the commission when make their own purchase?

2011 Is a Buyer’s Market: Buying ON Fisher Island Is Closer Than You Think

2011 Is a Buyer’s Market: Buying ON Fisher Island Is Closer Than You Think Forbes Magazine has consistently included Fisher Island as one of America’s most expensive zip codes. Today, according to this publication, Fisher Island’s median sales price is $2.3 million and has jumped from the first spots on the list to #37 according … Continue reading

Can you still get the $8,000 tax credit by, buying a house for sale by owner?

Can you still get the $8,000 tax credit if you buy a mobile home house for sale by owner?

Is is acceptable to ask your estate agent if you can speak directly to the vendor of a property you are buying?

I don’t trust this slimy little man (the estate agent). He’s unhelpful and I would like to be able to speak and negotiate directly with the vendor about the work that needs doing etc. The thing is, I don’t want to create an embarrassing situation for the agent and myself, if it’s not the ‘done … Continue reading

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What are the goods and bads of buying a foreclosed, bank owned, or short-sale house?

My wife and I are looking to buy our first home, and one of the houses we’re most interested in happens to be a foreclosure. Before we get into anything too deep, I’d like to learn more about what this means, as a buyer, from someone with more experience. Any help would be very much … Continue reading

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