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how do you find a haunted house for sale in Illinois?

I’ve always wanted to live in an old haunted house and i was wondering the easiest way to find one. i most certainly don’t want to get hurt or anything but i think ghosts are neat and i love Victorian houses and i think it would be cool if it was haunted. just sayin, ghosts … Continue reading

How do find a house for sale that is being foreclosed by a bank in Victoria, Australia?

where can I find a prop (fake) 55″ rear projection tv to help stage a house for sale?

even a broken Pioneer 55″ set would work max. size 54 3/4″ x 54 3/4″

I have an address to a house for sale and I want to know who the owners are… how can I find this out?

I heard the tax info on the house can be public record but I haven’t found a site that I can just enter the address and it give me the owner’s names. I live in Horry County in SC. Can someone help me? ok great, thanks for the info………nobody lives in the house….i wish it … Continue reading

Minot zoo animals find refuge in Wichita park

Minot zoo animals find refuge in Wichita park WICHITA, Kan. – Animals displaced from a flooded North Dakota zoo have settled into a wildlife park in Wichita for what could become a lengthy stay, park officials said.

Is there a way to find out what the lowest bid on a house for sale is or was?

I am looking at house that I really like and it is very nice but the asking price it too high, it is an estate and two sons of the owner are selling it . The realtor for the property has said there have been offers but they were all rejected by the sons as … Continue reading

Onex says it can’t find investments, companies too healthy to sell subsidiaries

Onex says it can’t find investments, companies too healthy to sell subsidiaries TORONTO – Onex Corp. (TSX:OCX) says it’s finding it hard to make new investments because corporations are more financially fit and holding on to the subsidiaries it likes to snap up.

How can I find the average Natural Gas usage of any house for sale (USA).?

When buying a house, it is good to know what the gas bill will be, in order to create a budget on monthly spending.

Can you find some house in tennessee for sale in the 38106 area?

A 3-bed room house for sale in the 38106 area

Is there any goods sites to find a house for sale in Springfield MO?

I was wondering all the good sites out there that are for buying and selling homes in Springfield MO. Feel free to leave some links.

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the stools on the cover of House and Home volume X issue 8.?

The name of the story is Formalizing the Deal: Renovation Dresses up an Informal kitchen. This is the August 2007 edition.

How can you find out if a house is for sale and who owns it?

Are there public records available? If a house is being sold exclusively through a single agent, is it harder to find? Is there a way to determine if a house is for sale by it’s address?

where can i find an aggressive real estate agent to help me sale my house as soon as possible in this market?

I am looking for someone who is familiar with the dc and maryland area. I want to sell my house as fast as I can. I need an agent with good marketing skills.

Where can I find a black Real Estate agent?

I am looking for a black Real Estate agent in Hillsborough, Manatee or Sarasota County, Florida.

How do I solicit a transfer of home ownership? or find potential investors?

We brought a second 3 bedroom home in a good neighborhood in San Leandro,CA about 2 yrs ago. After a series of family crisis we decided that our real estate investments just took up more time and money than our family can afford. We have a renter in the property and aren’t willing to sell … Continue reading

Where can i find a bank owned home?

I am intrested in buying a bank owned home becuase i know that they are cheaper. I also already know that they need renovations and fixing up. i just need to know where i find them. there not listed on regualr home sale sites. I just recenly asked this question and got one answer and … Continue reading

How do I find out who holds the title to a for sale house, I hear it is a relocation company.?

How long does it take to find out if our offer will be accepted on a Short- term sale house?

its been 2 weeks, I heard they take long time?

Is it best to use a broker or real estate agent to find an apartment in NYC for a first time renter?

Is it better to just deal with a broker or real estate agent when renting in New York City? I am moving from out of state to attend school. There for, I know nothing about the best places to live. I have been there before, but still have no idea what’s a good deal. How … Continue reading

i’m trying to find free grants and free information for mobile home repairs and upgrading. can someone help?

can anyone direct me to free how-to websites for renovations and repairs for mobile homes?