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I just received a letter about a foreclosure sale on the house that I am renting.?

I needed to know if my lease would remain in affect and if not do I have to move on the sale date.

Is it true that you can pay partial mortgage payments while ur house is up for sale to prevent foreclosure?

I had someone tell me that I should be able to make partial mortgage payments and send my mortgage company a “hardship” letter to keep them from foreclosing on my house while I have it on the market trying to sell. Does anyone know much about this process? BTW, my mortgage company is the horrendous … Continue reading

If a house is in pre foreclosure do you have to do a short sale?

House is in pre forclosure and I dont want to do a short sale. Can i sell it as a regular sale, pay the bank and keep some profit for myself?

How long can u stay in a house after a foreclosure sale?

A friend of mines house is going into foreclosure. It will be sold soon. Do they have to move right away after its sold or do they have a little bit of time?

What do we do with the house, foreclosure, short sale, what?

My aging parents need to move closer to me (they are 800 miles away). They have a home but owe about what its worth or less. They couldn’t sell it and pay a realtor and closing costs. They are current on payments and can just barely afford them, but what they need is to be … Continue reading

When a house is going into foreclosure can you ask the homeowner for a short sale or do you have to wait?

Me & my boyfriend found a house that we like, it was up for sale and now it just started to go into foreclosure. I just want to know do we have to wait until its in foreclosure an the people are no longer live there to go an buy it or can you talk … Continue reading

what is the technical name of that rental arrangement where you live in a for sale house (foreclosure or?

whatever) so that the home looks “lived in” so it theoretically sells faster (lived in..as in nice furniture etc)… its like a new renting trend..what is it called?

What are foreclosure prices based when a house is for sale?

When a lender is selling a foreclosure are they just asking what is owed? Or are they asking for the home value to make extra money?

Sold house in foreclosure, how do I stop the sheriff sale before our closing?

We are in Ch. 13, the mortgage co. filed a relief of stay because of 2 missing payments (between filing our plan and confirmation) We have sold the house, but the sheriff sale is May 23., and our closing date in June 1. How do I get the house off of the auditor’s site?

I’m in Foreclosure. I keep getting investors who want to short sale my house. How can I trust them?

I’ve had a few offers from companies to do a loan modification for me. Would that be better?

I live in New Mexico and my house is in foreclosure. Is a short sale a good option?

My house is currently in foreclosure. Ive talked to the lenders Countrywide and they suggested I do a short sale. They said to try to sell it at a price comparable to what other houses in the neighborhood sell for. They said if it doesnt sell for that then keep lowering the price. If that … Continue reading

House going from short sale to foreclosure?

Lets say a house is trying to be sold short sale and after a while the bank says enough is enough and they put it in foreclosure. Do they usually keep the price the same when they move it to foreclosure or do they change it?

Foreclosure house is pending sale — can I still place an offer?

My husband and I are very new to house-hunting. We found a foreclosure that we really like, but now that we want to place an offer, we’ve found it is pending. Does that mean we have no chance unless that sale falls through? Or can we still place an offer and let the bank decide … Continue reading

Is a short sale legit for a third party going to the bank with a house that is going into foreclosure?

I was wondering if a 3rd party can really go to the bank with no credit check etc. and pay a low amount for cash on a property that is in or going into foreclosure. My landlord is letting the house go that route, and I wanted to know is it legal for a middle … Continue reading

Difference between short sale and foreclosure on my house?

We owe more money than what our house is worth. My realitor is suggesting a short sale or a foreclosure, what is the difference? Which will hurt my credit less?

The was a house for sale on my block they never sold the house it went into foreclosure,?

how long before the bank list the house for sale as a foreclose home?

My house is in foreclosure, with a sale date pending. How can I contest or postpone sale?

My house is in foreclosure, with a sale date pending. The lender (Countrywide) mistakenly cancelled my repayment plan. We are trying to clear the mess up, but in the meantime the sale date is looming. Is there any way to make them postpone the sale date? Is there something I can file with the court?

New law gives foreclosure help

New law gives foreclosure help Help is on the way for some Washington homeowners facing foreclosure under a bill Gov. Chris Gregoire signed into law Thursday.

Foreclosure on house while its up for short sale?

My parents house is on short sale and they have one buyer, but the foreclosure letter came today and said that the house will be up for auction in nine days. Where do they go from there? Do they have to leave if the house technically is for sale? Also, there is one person who … Continue reading

In the foreclosure process, how long does a person have between possession and the actual sale of the house?

I am currently staying at/cleaning out a foreclosed home that was owned by my mother.I got court papers for possession of my mom’s house to take place and wanted to know the average time it takes between the mortgage company taking possession to the sale of the house? If I go to court, can I … Continue reading