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What are the tax implications from receiving proceeds from the sale of a house that was left as inheritance?

Are there capital gains taxes? Does this get added to total income?

I am selling my house in FL. Will court judgments against me be deducted from the sale of the house?

While I owned a small contacting buisness in Seminole county FL,There were several unfavorable judgements filed against me. I am concerned that the when I close on the house next month that the judgements may be deducted from the sale of the home. These are judgements against me. There are no liens on the house … Continue reading

How can I buy a house using the money from the sale of my current house as a downpayment?

Will the seller wait for me to sell my house or does the bank front you the downpayment money until you sell your house?

Does the capital gain from the sale of my house impact my tax bracket (see details below)?

Assume I sell my house and have to pay capital gains. Assume that, not counting the proceeds from the sale, I am in the 15% tax bracket. Will I have to pay 5% on the capital gain, or will the sale push me into a higher bracket, forcing me to pay 15% capital gain? I’ve … Continue reading

I bought my dog a house from a yard sale… How do I get him to use it if he’s refusing to?

I have a pitbull that’s about 2 years old. He’s a really nice dog, but for some reason he’s refusing to use the new house.

my mother has passed away in europe. What inheritance tax should I expect here in USA for $20k from house sale?

proceeds. We have paid 10% locally already in Europe. Thanks! We have paid a 10% local inheritance tax already before pay out. Thanks!

Is it still the law in the US that the gain from the sale of a house is non-taxable?

I know it used to be the law, as long as the proceeds are used to purchase another house within 3 years. Is this still the case or has something changed?

I want to buy a house “private sale from owner” what do I need to know?

I want to buy a house. Its being sold directly from the owner. I have a pre-approval for the mortgage loan, now what do I do?? When asking questions, what do I need to know and what should I do first? I am in Canada. I would like any info possible as I am young … Continue reading

There’s a house for sale across from the cemetary?

I love the house itself..but am a bit freaked by the cemetary..Is it something I should just get over? It’s a good price for the home and everything is updated. What are your feelings on this? Would you live across the street from a cemetary? Why or why not? When I mean across the street, … Continue reading

what documents, if any, required from a seller of a house in order to close a sale?

Im selling my house that i inherited about 2 years ago. I know the title was transferred over to my name, but i don’t remember receiving a deed for the house. Should i have received one? Where and how can I get one if I should’ve gotten one? Is it necessary for the sale of … Continue reading

What is a fair and customary charge for a lawyer forcing the sale of a house from a joint deed?

Is it customary for the lawyer to receive one-third of the monetary sale of the one partners’ half plus reimburse any out-of-pocket costs?

How do I roll over money from the sale of my house, tax free, and apply it towards my new home?

I’m selling my house and I want to take all of the profits and apply it towards my new home, which I will be buying when the old one sells. I’ve heard of this program before. I can’t remember what it’s called. Thank you all for your help!

can I rent a house to keep owner from doing a short sale on 2nd home?

I found a little house in Idaho that is about to go up for sale with a short sale. I have bad credit but steady income. The house is up for 40 thousand. Can I attempt to rent it from the owners to try and keep them from short selling it?

Is inheritance money from the sale of a house taxable?

My mother in law died in 2005. Her house was sold in 2007. My husband received the money. Is this money taxable. We live in Florida.

Why would someone have an estate sale if everything in their house is from Walmart?

We went to an estate sale and everything in the house was from Walmart or Gordmans.. the clearance stickers were still on the items… and they were asking more for the items than the clearance stickers???? WTF? I thought estate sales were typically for people who have somewhat valuable item in their home.. not walmart … Continue reading

Law professionals ONLY please? What are ways you can protect your house from forced sale because of a lien?

I DO NOT have a lien on the house, ty- I just want to take precautions and protect myself in this litigious USA. I do have equity in the house – quite a lot, but have two loans outstanding on it. The deed we have is a survivorship deed. TY

Do I pay income tax on money I received from the sale of my deceased Mothers’ house?

I used money I received from the sale of my Mothers’ house to buy a condo. Will I have to pay income tax on this money. The estate is settled.

Money-saving tips from a professional organizer

Money-saving tips from a professional organizer Tired of losing important receipts? Here are some ideas to keep your financial life in order.

House going from short sale to foreclosure?

Lets say a house is trying to be sold short sale and after a while the bank says enough is enough and they put it in foreclosure. Do they usually keep the price the same when they move it to foreclosure or do they change it?

can you have a lottery to sale a house so you can save from foreclose?

The houseing market is bad and foreclose are high, so i would like to no how to go about saleing ticket for 1.00 ? would you pay the house off or let them asume the payment?