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Anyone know of a house for sale preferable a foreclure, I’m looking for a good deal?

I am looking for 3bd, 1 or 2 ba a basement and enough yard for a pool and my 2 dogs.

I live in New Mexico and my house is in foreclosure. Is a short sale a good option?

My house is currently in foreclosure. Ive talked to the lenders Countrywide and they suggested I do a short sale. They said to try to sell it at a price comparable to what other houses in the neighborhood sell for. They said if it doesnt sell for that then keep lowering the price. If that … Continue reading

Whats a good way for me to build up client base new realtor? and whats a good way to market my house for sale?

I have already posted an add in the news paper do you think yahoo answers might be a good avenue I just don’t want sicko’s callin me?

My old Rec Room never looked this good

My old Rec Room never looked this good Teens get a new game room at the Salvation Army.

What’s a good website to post your house for sale?

i want to try to sell my house. i know the economy stinks and all but I really need to sell it. What’s a good website to put it on… OTHER THAN CRAIGSLIST

Golfers tee off for a good cause

Golfers tee off for a good cause More than 100 area golfers from hit the greens for the 4th Annual Remedies Golf Outing. The proceeds from the event benefit Remedies’ domestic violence programs.

What’s a good reason for refinancing your home?

I’m about to finish repaying my housing loan. And about to retire. I’ve been told that I could refinance it to get funds to use for important things like children’s education or renovation.. Is that a good idea?

Anyone know of some good sites that detail renovation of an old motorhome?

I bought an old 1981 Winnebago Itasco 29 ft. motorhome. It has 55K on a Chevy 454 engine and runs good. I drove it 130 mile to bring it home. I’m a novice RV’er but have done considerable remodeling work to my home. Even though it runs good the interior looks it’s 25 years. I’m … Continue reading

Roadshow: No good way around a red light that won’t turn green

Roadshow: No good way around a red light that won’t turn green Plus: Father Serra rest stop should reopen in mid-May.

Criteria Of A Good Foreclosed House Listing

I want to buy a house by the end of next year what are some good resources or ways to find houses for sale.?

Me and my boyfriend want to buy a house buy the end of next year what are some resources or ways to find houses in my area. Like websites and magazines i can look at. Im not ready to look into finding houses to buy. I just wanted to start looking so i had a … Continue reading

Is this a good time to put my house up fo sale?

Iam thinking about putting my house up for sale and moving to Texas is this a good time to make the move?

Investing in a Good Whole House Water Filter

How To Find A Good Estate Agent

5 Great Tips To Finding a Good Pleasanton California Real Estate Agent

Is it good to buy a short sale house in California?

Are their any good or bad things from buying a short sale??? Can you somebody explain this whole process…

I live in a historic house in need of complete renovation. Are there any good historic home grants you know of?

Because my mom is the only ‘breadwinner’ of the house at the moment and is putting my older sister through college, the renovation is just not going to happen on financial terms. The balconies/porches on the house were rebuilt in 2007, but that is all that’s been able to be done. The house is around … Continue reading

What is a good way to show appreciation for Realtor who did not make a lot of money off the sale of our house?

Our Realtor has worked very hard to get our house sold. But, because of the weak market we had to sell well below market value, and she is not going to make a lot of money off the sale. I am trying to think of a creative way to thank her for her efforts. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

what are some good alternatives to doing a short sale on a house?

House is going due to everyone moving out . Market here in FL is at one of its worst. In order to do a short sale one must be late on their mortgage by 30 days twice. I feel uncomfortable doing that. what would u do?

is becoming a loan officer and real estate agent a good career?

I am a college senior studying business administration/finance. I did an internship at a mortgage company and loved it and I am also interested in architecture/interior design. I thought I wanted to go corporate finance but the more I meet people who are involved in high level positions, the more I realize how miserable and … Continue reading