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where can I find a prop (fake) 55″ rear projection tv to help stage a house for sale?

even a broken Pioneer 55″ set would work max. size 54 3/4″ x 54 3/4″

New Walmart will help One Hundred Oaks area continue to thrive

New Walmart will help One Hundred Oaks area continue to thrive When a commerical neighborhood gets a Walmart, it’s proably a good sign even in rocky economic times. Surely, if any company knows how to find a thriving customer base, it’s Walmart.

Need help putting together purchase agreement for a house. For sale by owner. How do I create?

I am the buyer, seller has to net a certain amount. The house is worth more than we are paying. We are required to put 15% down. Looking for a creative way to write up the contract where the seller nets what he wants and we can minimize downpayment.

David’s Dragons help AMFL bring Wenner Field back to life

David’s Dragons help AMFL bring Wenner Field back to life The hard work it takes to become a successful high school football player starts long before brutal three-a-days in the heat of August.

where can i find an aggressive real estate agent to help me sale my house as soon as possible in this market?

I am looking for someone who is familiar with the dc and maryland area. I want to sell my house as fast as I can. I need an agent with good marketing skills.

Are there any programs government or private out there to help me handicap acceorize my home?

Our home was built in 1985. It is a 3BR/2BA ranch in FLorida. I am trying to prepare of an eminant future. My husband is 15 years older than me. I want to prepare our home now while we are working and it is a little easier to pay for renovations required. I want to … Continue reading

i’m trying to find free grants and free information for mobile home repairs and upgrading. can someone help?

can anyone direct me to free how-to websites for renovations and repairs for mobile homes?

Bargain prices help reduce glut of foreclosures

Bargain prices help reduce glut of foreclosures A wave of foreclosures is forcing down home prices in most major U.S. cities. But economists and real estate agents are noticing what they call a key first step for any housing recovery: a drop in the glut of homes for sale in markets hit hardest by foreclosures.

I am looking for a program to help estimate painting projects?

I am looking to break into home renovation and small contracting jobs. What I need is a program that would figure out how much a job would cost me once I enter in all the dimesions of the project. Thanks in advance

I really would like to know if anyone can help my situation. My house is currently for sale with a Realtor ?

My house is currently for sale and is listed with a Realtor that isn’t promoting the house very well at all and is doing nothing to help it sell faster so we can be moved before winter and the projected skyrocketing gas prices hit and we are stuck paying to heat a 1 1/2 Story … Continue reading

New law gives foreclosure help

New law gives foreclosure help Help is on the way for some Washington homeowners facing foreclosure under a bill Gov. Chris Gregoire signed into law Thursday.

Need help on home appraisal for a divorce with recent renovations.?

We owned the home for only 2 years during our marriage but put 14,000 into upgrades such as insulations, new bathroom floor, sink etc, new water heater, running heat ducts to each room upstairs instead of 1 vent by the steps, replaced old sliding doors with french, new front door etc.. This is 14,000 we … Continue reading

Sober Housing How it can help

Real Estate: Fannie Mae introduces short sale help desk for local sellers

Real Estate: Fannie Mae introduces short sale help desk for local sellers The short-sale staff only accepts cases involving properties with a first lien owned by Fannie Mae, and the servicer must be in receipt of a valid offer for the property.

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9 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Help Real Estate Agents Who Negotiate Short Sales

Estate Agents can help you buying a home in many ways

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Home Depot Canada “You can do it, we can help”?

Does anyone have experience using Home Depot Canada for home remodeling and renovations? How’s their contractors? Are they better or worse, cheaper or more expensive than the average contractor you find in the phone book? Please share your experience.