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Negative Equity how to solve it?

Hi All, Just got a letter from my solicitors with regards to my house sale ( i think its some sort of statement of how the payment works) and although the mortgage will be fully paid off our secured loan on the property will make us in the negative by £7,000. I went to the … Continue reading

We are selling our first house, what is the process for moving?

We have 2 valuers coming on Friday to value the house and then we’ll decide who we want to go with. What do we do after that, can we put the house up for sale that day? Do we then have to find a solicitor that day? I have arranged to go and see a … Continue reading

Will my house sale finally complete tomorrow?

I have been messed around for 12 wks by my solicitor who for the past 10 days has promised ‘it will happen today’, am rapidly loosing the will……….

House “sale agreed?” Help?

Is it right that a seller can agree a sale figure with me for his property, but continue to take viewers and offers while i set up a mortgage, pay for a survey and employ a solicitor? This would mean that the price i have negoiated can be raised by another buyer one week before … Continue reading

How easy is it to fire a Realtor?

I have a vacant house in a very small California community and I expected it to be slow selling. I’ve had the house sale on contract for 6 months but I want to try another realtor (several people have called me and said they would not work with that realtor, so call them when the … Continue reading

Is it unethical for you solicitor to refer a house for sale to their husband who is a real estate agent?

My parents who have been left a home after a family death and has been asked if they wanted to sell the house through their husband realestate agent. My gut feeling is that its a conflict of interest and unethical. I may be wrong but would love your thoughts. This is in Australia.

Completion – When should I leave my house?

When do I have to vacate my house? Before the date of Completion or can I wait until I see the money in my bank account? Neither solicitors or estate agents explain the house sale procedures and I’m asking question in Yahoo Answers..

I live with someone who is getting a divorse, do I have a right to claim some of the money of the house sale?

I moved in with my partner ,7 months ago, who is going through a difficult divorce. Her daughter desided that she wanted to come and live with us(my partner has brought her up from the age of 1) My parners ex is trying to claim half of the house sale and also half of his … Continue reading

Who Gets The House?

My husband left me in January and now lives with his new partner, when he left me with my 2 children we had just started building an extension on the house which he has left me to finance and finish. He has continued to pay the mortgage since he left but is pestering me to … Continue reading

How long does a solicitor legally have to keep documents of a house sale? Lease Document Needed – UK Only?

We sold a our flat in 2001 and need to get a copy of our lease document. We have contacted the solicitor who carried out the work for us, however they have been quite rude and have said that was a long time ago and that everything will have either been archived or shredded. We … Continue reading

Major problems with house sale! Please help?

I have sold my house. Offered on the one I want. The first time buyers came back to me and got me to reduce the price (after the survey) I didn;t want to but because I want the other house did it. Now my vendors are refusing to move this week – insisting on the … Continue reading

What are you looking for in a house?

I want to begin preparing my house for sale. It is a modest 2 story house with 3 br and 1.5 bath with living room and kitchen. Nice size yard for parties. I need to know what can I do now to improve the changes of a quick sell?

I am looking to purchase a house that is currently undergoing short sale. The bank is asking $159000. I am looking to put a good faith deposit down and then undergo the appraisal process. How much should I put down as a earnest money deposit?

alina asked:

how long does it take for a House sale to complete?

our neighbour from hell has sold her house,the sold sign has been up since the last week of march this year,how long does it take for a sale to complete and move out,thanks.

I understand house sale is tax exempt Federally up to $250k per owner, as long as you have lived in it for 2yrs out of last 5yrs. But what does the state, use PA, charge, if anything?

SimpleMoneyGuy asked:

What happens with the prift you make from a house sale?

We’ve just sold our first home and made a profift of £28,000 (on a house that only cost us £70,000). Our next house is costing us £95,000 and we are taking a mortgage of £85,000 and will be using the rest to renovate the house. Where will the funds go once the sale has been … Continue reading

Buying a new home being built, but the quick move in house is advertised for less than what we agreed to?

We’ve put earnest money on a new house, and just found out that the same model of house is sale priced $30k below the price we agreed to. Can we renegotiate with the builder? The hard part is the rules the builder uses. Since we did not have a broker at the time we looked … Continue reading

pulling out of a house sale?

we were getting a moving date today and the guy who was buying our house has pulled out of the sale. We have paid out £400 on surverys ect now we are back to square one does anyone know what can be done about this. Can we sue him or not? By: claireizadiamond About the … Continue reading

What is a quick sale(for a house) and how does it work?

going through divorce and can’t afford the house, or the payments told that I can call bank and tell them and not make any payments and put house up for sale and hope for the best. thanks

when is the best time of the year to list a house for sale?