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can my 16yr get housing benefit?

my daughter moved out and she is staying with friends,we have found a flat for her nearer to us. she is at college would she be able to claim housing benefit?

housing benefit uk? ?

i am 18, a college student, my parents told me to leave my house, i work a 13 hour job aswell as attending college, the amount i make isnt enough to cover the rent for a room i am currently renting. I want to claim housing benefit, i have the form what looks very foreign … Continue reading

Can my landlord block my application for housing benefit?

This is a question of ENGLISH law. I live in a six-person house which has a common law tenancy and all the tenants have guarantors, who are jointly and severally liable to pay the rent. However, three of us are students, so the landlord suggested that we only register the three students as living in … Continue reading

if i claim jobseekers allowance will i lose my housing benefit?

im on house benefit….if i claim jobseekers allowance does that mean my housing benefit will stop

Housing Benefit Question ?

hiya i was wondering i am going to be recieving either maternity allowance or income support and i wanted to know am i entitled to housing benefit ? i am a 20 year old single parent and i wont be working ? i dont have a house at the moment but will be applying for … Continue reading

Can I Continue Getting Housing Benefit On A Month To Month Lease?

My tenancy agreement end soon n landlord says it will continue on a month to month periodic lease. can i still claim housing benefit? iv tried ringing the local council but phone lines are always busy n the council office place would require a good 2-3 hours wait when i just need a simple answer. … Continue reading

Can i claim housing benefit in the UK if I am doing a full time college course and working only part time?

I will be getting a place with my girlfriend and she is on incapacity benefit and income support at the moment.

How can I manufacture my own redundancy/sacking but still get to claim unemployment and housing benefit etc?

“Start off by wearing a skirt to work and uttering the words “bugger me” at any opportunity, and work up from there.” I do that already ; sadly I work for the civil service so that just made my job even more secure 🙁

Can I apply for Housing benefit if I am on the Council home waiting list?

Unfortuantly I am unable to work due to having Arthritis. I am now in my late 20s and still living at home with the parents but would like to move out and gain some independance. I have been on the council home waiting list for 4 years and I would like to consider renting whilst … Continue reading

Claim housing benefit whilst at college?

I would like to go back to college to get more qualifications etc. Only problem is that my brother who i live with cant afford to pay rent and bills etc on is own without the help of my housing benefit. So i was wondering if i can still claim whilst at college?

Can I rent and live alone in my parents house and claim housing benefit?

My parents have moved to smaller accomodation due to illness, I am homeless at present although I did not live with them anyway, can I rent thier property and claim housing benefit as I am claiming jobseekers allowance and they have thier house to rent through an estate agent

Can i claim housing Benefit if?

I am a full time student (Male) and have a 2 Month old child, however, i have separated with my partner and i will have my child around 110-120 days a year to stay with me. Am i eligible for it? I dont have a big income at all.

i am wanting to claim housing benefit,but on the form it says i have to produce proof of address ie,bill?

i have lived at the rented accomodation for 3 weeks,but still havent had a bill,how can i claim my housing benefit?

my partner and me have split up how do i claim housing benefit?

me and my partner have a 6 month contract on a tenancy, we have now separated. i am 18 and unemployed, so the estate agent wont make me the sole tenant. can i still apply for housing benefit, even though he is still on the tenancy agreement?

Housing Benefit tenants?

Why is it that landlords are so against have tenants who claim housing benefit. They are guaranteed to get the rent on time every month, and not all DSS tenants are dirty slobs, it really bugs me.

Good cause for UK Housing Benifit backwards claim?

I recently found out that I might have been able to claim housing benefit towards my rent for the place I moved into in August last year. It says on the website that one needs ‘good cause’ to make a late claim and I wondered if not knowing one’s possibilities is good enough as a … Continue reading

Is it possible to work part-time and claim housing benefit?

or do you have to be a fully pledged lay about?

can two married people claim housing benefit for two separate properties?

One is a carer for a elderly person!! so they will be staying in a seprate house to whom they are married to

how much housing benefit can i claim if me and my partner are living in seperate places?

we are married by the way and trying to get our own place now

housing benefit-england?

My partner-who owns the house, all is in his name and I are splitting up, he’s moving about 100 miles away and planning on putting the house up for rent, I’m going to call the council say I need place to live etc, I have 2 kids. Can I claim housing benefit for this house … Continue reading