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Anyone know of a house for sale preferable a foreclure, I’m looking for a good deal?

I am looking for 3bd, 1 or 2 ba a basement and enough yard for a pool and my 2 dogs.

Does anyone know where i can post my house for sale so that a realtor can grab it and sell it for me?

Or if i can just get a list of email addresses so that i can email it. Does anyone know where i can get this info online. PLEASE HELP!?

does any body know if industrial rideshop is having there ware house sale in Tempe is so then when is it?

Does anyone know where an house is for sale by owner in jackson, Ms?

We might not can get a mortgage. Need help buying a house.

I want to buy a house “private sale from owner” what do I need to know?

I want to buy a house. Its being sold directly from the owner. I have a pre-approval for the mortgage loan, now what do I do?? When asking questions, what do I need to know and what should I do first? I am in Canada. I would like any info possible as I am young … Continue reading

How can I research 21st Century’s records for a house for sale in 1995. I know where it is, it’s just old.

I just wanted to find my old house. It was on the market for 21st Century back in 1994 or 1995, Pretty sure it was ’95. I have the adress and all, just need to know how to go about finding the records.

does anyone know how to look on the internet for a house for sale on your street?

Dont know the realtor company. Just the address.

I have an address to a house for sale and I want to know who the owners are… how can I find this out?

I heard the tax info on the house can be public record but I haven’t found a site that I can just enter the address and it give me the owner’s names. I live in Horry County in SC. Can someone help me? ok great, thanks for the info………nobody lives in the house….i wish it … Continue reading

Getting ready to prep house to sale. Do you know any cleaning tips? For example cleaning baseboards?

Does anyone know if it is possible to short sale your house and buy a new home?

How does a short sale affect credit?

What should I know about buying a “short sale” house?

I understand there is no warranty and the buyer has to pay all the closing costs. Can I offer lower than the short sale listing price?

does anybody know what citys in california, has the cheapest and nicest house on sale?

or does anybody know good websites to look for foreclosures, short sales ect. thanks.

Anyone know a sexy and seductive philadelphai real estate agent?

First time home buyer that wants to make it a fun experience. Why not have a sexy agent if I am going to buy real estate? Looking for a seductive female agent in philadelphia. Please send pics and I look forward to working with you!

need to know how to do home renovations at very low costs.?

Anyone know of some good sites that detail renovation of an old motorhome?

I bought an old 1981 Winnebago Itasco 29 ft. motorhome. It has 55K on a Chevy 454 engine and runs good. I drove it 130 mile to bring it home. I’m a novice RV’er but have done considerable remodeling work to my home. Even though it runs good the interior looks it’s 25 years. I’m … Continue reading

Does any one know of or could recommend a dependable real estate agent in Big Canoe, Georgia?

I am wanting to move to the North Georgia Mountains. I am really wanting to find a real estate agency that is familar with the Big Canoe Resort real estate market. I see lots of ads for “homes for sale north Georgia” but I want to use an agent that works hard for the buyer. … Continue reading

We put in an offer on a short sale house how do we know if it’s a true short sale?

the seller accepted and isn’t taking anymore offers and we have committed on paper to them as well for 45 days. We signed the offer and they signed off too. They sent paperwork off to their lender and hired a negotiator. It’s been 14 days. our Realtor said our price point is on but we … Continue reading

I really would like to know if anyone can help my situation. My house is currently for sale with a Realtor ?

My house is currently for sale and is listed with a Realtor that isn’t promoting the house very well at all and is doing nothing to help it sell faster so we can be moved before winter and the projected skyrocketing gas prices hit and we are stuck paying to heat a 1 1/2 Story … Continue reading

Does anyone know if I can find out how many times a particular house (for sale) has been inspected?

I am trying to figure out if there is some sort of record they keep on home inspections when a home is for sale. I would like to see if the things MY inspector found wrong with a home are the same things HIS inspectors found. I’d like to know how many times this home … Continue reading

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