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if you loose money on the sale of a house, does can the loss be a tax write off?

Also if your tenant missed paying you the rent in Decemeber is the loss in rental income a tax write off against your normal income?

How can I buy a house using the money from the sale of my current house as a downpayment?

Will the seller wait for me to sell my house or does the bank front you the downpayment money until you sell your house?

We have a house for sale in our neighborhood that says Obama money also welcome?

I wonder what Obama money is? rookie that is the taxpayer’s money later not for part of the sale.

does money inherited by the sale of parent’s house have to be reported as income?

my friend’s mother in law died in 2005 she wrote a will saying the house would be sold upon her death with proceeds going to her 4 daughters. the house was sold in 2006 does the money my friend’s wife received from the sale of the house have to be reported on their 2006 tax … Continue reading

How do I roll over money from the sale of my house, tax free, and apply it towards my new home?

I’m selling my house and I want to take all of the profits and apply it towards my new home, which I will be buying when the old one sells. I’ve heard of this program before. I can’t remember what it’s called. Thank you all for your help!

Should I borrow money to sell my house or ask the bank for a short sale?

I have to sell my house and it is worth less than what I originally paid for it. Should I borrow the $25K to complete the sale (and subsequently write off the loss on my taxes) or should I try to negotiate a short sale with the bank?

Is inheritance money from the sale of a house taxable?

My mother in law died in 2005. Her house was sold in 2007. My husband received the money. Is this money taxable. We live in Florida.

Is money lost on the sale of a house due to its value dropping tax deductable?

If I bought a house for $150,000 2 years ago and sold it this year for $140,000 minus realtor commission, can I deduct the loss? I sure hope someone knows this.

Do I pay income tax on money I received from the sale of my deceased Mothers’ house?

I used money I received from the sale of my Mothers’ house to buy a condo. Will I have to pay income tax on this money. The estate is settled.

When a house is for sale by owner do they get all the money?

So what i’m asking is if its for sale for 200,000 dollars, and its by an owner and not an agent, do they get to keep the full 200,000 dollars?

can the money you make on a house sale be spent on a new house without paying taxes?

how much money can a real estate agent just starting out make in miami beach?

I’m about to start studying for a license in real estate and want to start making money right away. I’m a total go getter and will work 80 hours a week if i have to. how much money can i make starting out as a new agent in south beach? and what do i have … Continue reading

how much money does a real estate agent make?

I go to an expensive private school, but my dad recently lost his job. whether or not i can continue at the school for high school depends on the job he gets. he’s thinking about becoming a real estate agent, because he knows a man who owns some real estate company. basically, what i want … Continue reading

How much money is given for a mortgage if house needs renovation?

I am looking at a house that is extremely cheap for my market. Realtor says it needs $50k in repair, but I was hoping to put $100K into it to do the full deal (granite/stainless Sub zero appliances etc) Hypothetically, if the purchase price of the house was $100,000, would I be able to take … Continue reading

The money panel: Quake lease headache

The money panel: Quake lease headache Q: My granddaughter is studying in Christchurch. She signed a 10-month lease on an apartment starting  February 1,  2011. The apartment is in the CBD lockdown area and she has not been able to get access since the earthquake to retrieve her personal property. Last she heard from the … Continue reading

Ombudsman claims credit for money from sale of Ligots’ US house

Ombudsman claims credit for money from sale of Ligots’ US house Ombudsman Merceditas Guierrez is to be thanked for the Philippine government’s receipt of $132,000 representing the proceeds of the forfeiture sale of a California property under the name of former military comptroller Jacinto Ligot’s wife.

How would my fiancee force the sale of his house. Brother and him on the deed, need money from house to leave.

My fiancee co-owns a house with his brother. We would like to force the sale of the house. What are my options? His brother will not buy out our half of the house which is why, we want to force the sale

Saving money with Online Estate Agents

What is the best way to pull money for bathroom renovation?

I bought my home in October of 2009 and would like to renovate my bathroom. What would be the best option for me? Try for a refinance or home equity loan? I purchased the home for about $5,000.00 under the appraisal so would it even be worth refinancing, is $5,000 for renovations the most I … Continue reading

Buying a home and needing money to renovate?

I am trying to sell my house and I want to buy a fixer upper that is liveable, but needs extensive renovation work. How can I get money on top of the loan to use to do repairs? I was told I wouldn’t qualify for a home equity loan because I will not have lived … Continue reading