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Is it true that you can pay partial mortgage payments while ur house is up for sale to prevent foreclosure?

I had someone tell me that I should be able to make partial mortgage payments and send my mortgage company a “hardship” letter to keep them from foreclosing on my house while I have it on the market trying to sell. Does anyone know much about this process? BTW, my mortgage company is the horrendous … Continue reading

Can I deduct mortgage interest on an empty house that is For Sale?

House A was paid for and I took out a second mortgage to help in the purchase of House B. I now live in house B (with it’s own mortgage interest that I can write off). House A remains empty and unsold. Can I also write off the interest on House A?

What tax would I pay on the sale of my house, when the mortgage has been paid for through my business?

I am self employed and use my home as the base of my business, therefore my mortgage is paid from this, if I sell my house what kind of tax would I need to pay? Answers related to England tax system only please.

What happens if sale price of house does not cover mortgage pay off?

I bought a house a couple of years ago. I don’t have much equity in it. Now my fiance and I want to buy a new home, but we won’t be able to sell my home for what is owed on the mortgage. Are there programs that let you borrow on your new mortgage to … Continue reading

Behind on mortgage payments/House for sale?

I’m behind on mortgage payments three months. I have a payment due before Saturday of this week and if I don’t pay I’m sure foreclosure proceedings will start. Saturday is the absolute deadline. Should I talk to the bank and ask their advice? I’m really scared. The house is up for sale, has been for … Continue reading

What happens if I stop making mortgage payments while house is for sale?

Due to loss of income, we have decided to sell our house and rent for awhile. We are not upside down on our loan, and maybe even gained a bit of equity (maybe $5k). But my question is, if we put the house on the market and then stop making the payments- what will happen … Continue reading

The neighbor’s house next door is for sale. Can I adjust my current mortgage and buy it?

The neighbor’s house just came up for sale a couple of days ago. Is there any way to make my current mortgage stretch to make it one property? The house next door is much smaller and an older house and should be only about $40,000 to $50,000. Is this possible? What kind of credit would … Continue reading

Besides real estate agent and mortgage broker need to have real estate license, what other career needs the RE?

What other options do we have if we have a real estate license besides becoming a sales agent or mortgage broker? Thanks.

Clinton woman sentenced for mortgage fraud

Clinton woman sentenced for mortgage fraud A Clinton woman has been sentenced for mortgage fraud.

How much money is given for a mortgage if house needs renovation?

I am looking at a house that is extremely cheap for my market. Realtor says it needs $50k in repair, but I was hoping to put $100K into it to do the full deal (granite/stainless Sub zero appliances etc) Hypothetically, if the purchase price of the house was $100,000, would I be able to take … Continue reading

Moody’s, S&P Caved to Goldman, UBS Mortgage Pressure, Levin Says

Moody’s, S&P Caved to Goldman, UBS Mortgage Pressure, Levin Says Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s adjusted the way they graded securities after Goldman Sachs Group Inc., UBS AG and at least six more banks pressured them, according to a U.S. Senate report.

Neighborhood hit by mortgage crisis battles back

Neighborhood hit by mortgage crisis battles back There’s only one way in to Windy Ridge — across freight train tracks that zipper up the subdivision on three sides. Living room windows offer views of a cardboard box factory and a Pepsi bottling plant.

12 Arizonans charged in $24 million mortgage fraud scheme

12 Arizonans charged in $24 million mortgage fraud scheme TUCSON – Twelve Arizonans have been indicted, allegedly for conspiring to commit mortgage fraud in Tucson and Scottsdale to obtain loans totaling almost $19 million and $5 million in “cash back” loan proceeds.

Finding the right mortgage mix

Finding the right mortgage mix Fixed or adjustable-rate mortgages depend on the borrower

EastWest Bank cuts mortgage financing interest

EastWest Bank cuts mortgage financing interest EastWest Bank has recently introduced its lowest home loan interest rate of 5.88 percent fixed for the first year.

Can I take a mortgage interest deduction on a house that has been for sale for two years and have not lived in?

This was my family’s main residence in Michigan for a year and a half. I was transfered to Florida and we put the house up for sale. We moved to a rental house in Florida two years ago, waiting for the house in Michigan to sell. The house sold in January, 2010. Can I take … Continue reading

Can my mortgage lender come after me if I short sale my house?

I am thinking about short selling my home. Can my mortgage lender come after me if I short sale my house? Can I have AZ state statues and laws as proof?

Is it better to apply all of a second house sale to principal on a first mortgage or save some?

We owned house number two outright, and hope to close soon leaving about $90,000 principal on our new number 1 residence if fully applied. We wonder whether it is better to accept a higher mortgage payment and reserve some cash for new vehicle, renovation or other expenses, or rather apply all to the mortgage and … Continue reading

Benefits Of Pre Approved Mortgage Loans

Buying, Selling a House: Mortgage, Conveyancing Process