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Is there anyplace I can advertise my house for sale that will bring a buyer for sure. We need to sell before ?

we need to sell before X-Mas so we can be settled. I’m getting very frustrated after having it on the market now for over 2 years and NEED A BUYER NOW! Please help!

I want to buy a house “private sale from owner” what do I need to know?

I want to buy a house. Its being sold directly from the owner. I have a pre-approval for the mortgage loan, now what do I do?? When asking questions, what do I need to know and what should I do first? I am in Canada. I would like any info possible as I am young … Continue reading

how should i search house for sale on internet?i need website name?

my parents are looking for buying house.i dont know where am i looking on internet.

I need to have a yard sale but my house is down a hill on a very busy street, no parking. What should I do?

Cars can’t pull over and park, it would be too dangerous. Nearest parking would be around the corner. Also, its hard to see the house from the street because of the trees. I’ve been donating some stuff but I feel like I’m throwing money away. Anyone else have this problem?

need advice on putting house up for sale, what questions should I ask when consulting with realtors?

I also would like to know if I should fix everything wrong or sale as is, I want to sale it quickly more than I want to make a big profit, would it be easier to sale it myself or through a realtor?

How do I SHORT SALE a house? Do I need a realtor?

Who else is involved? What is the best way to short sale?

Need help putting together purchase agreement for a house. For sale by owner. How do I create?

I am the buyer, seller has to net a certain amount. The house is worth more than we are paying. We are required to put 15% down. Looking for a creative way to write up the contract where the seller nets what he wants and we can minimize downpayment.

Extreme makeover: rich edition– State program benefits those who need it least

Extreme makeover: rich edition– State program benefits those who need it least Ask most preservationists what they think of Virginia’s Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program , and you’ll hear them proudly say it’s one of the most generous, if not the most generous, programs in the country, leading to the rehabilitation of thousands of historic properties. … Continue reading

Do I need a release letter to fire my real estate agent?

I want to fire my real estate agent because in 2 months my property has not even been listed. I did sign a listing agreement but there’s no date on it other than by my signature. Do I need a release letter from the broker in this case? And who is the broker? The owner … Continue reading

Need advice on what color(s) to paint interior walls on house for sale.?

This is a so called “raised ranch”1100 sq ft. Three bedroom, combined kitchen/eating area, one and 3/4 bath and living room. The house will be completely bare, except for the kitchen. There is also a basement (somewhat dark) with drywall and is also 1100 sq ft. I was thinking of painting every wall white. I … Continue reading

Besides real estate agent and mortgage broker need to have real estate license, what other career needs the RE?

What other options do we have if we have a real estate license besides becoming a sales agent or mortgage broker? Thanks.

need to know how to do home renovations at very low costs.?

As a property owner in Colorado, how much notice do we need to give our tenant to list the house for sale?

We have signed a one year extension with our tenant. Are we required to give them advance notice to place the house on the market?

What do you need to do in order to become a real-estate agent?

i was considering on becoming a real estate agent, but im not sure on how to become one. does anyone know how you do it??

When ordering a home inspection on a house in crappy condition, what do I need to stipulate in the offer?

I have found a house that was foreclosed on that I think I can buy for a deal and renovate and resell. I am planning on living in the house for 2 years and take time to make the renovations. I will only be putting about $2K into it right away to make repairs necessary … Continue reading

Need help on home appraisal for a divorce with recent renovations.?

We owned the home for only 2 years during our marriage but put 14,000 into upgrades such as insulations, new bathroom floor, sink etc, new water heater, running heat ducts to each room upstairs instead of 1 vent by the steps, replaced old sliding doors with french, new front door etc.. This is 14,000 we … Continue reading

What do i need to become a real estate agent?

I’m really interested in becoming a real estate agent just not sure where to start, I live in Boise, Idaho and have been researching places to take classes, what would follow if i take those courses? Just looking for any advice. Thanks

How would my fiancee force the sale of his house. Brother and him on the deed, need money from house to leave.

My fiancee co-owns a house with his brother. We would like to force the sale of the house. What are my options? His brother will not buy out our half of the house which is why, we want to force the sale

All You Need To Know About House Alarm Systems

If I put my house for sale do I still need to give roommate 30 day notice?

Or is there a way to be able to give a shorter notice? Would it have to be in escrow to give anything less than 30 days? I just want her out. This is in CA. No lease was signed, she’s moved in for 2 weeks and I want to serve her with a notice … Continue reading