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I was wondering the pro’s and con’s of hiring a realtor vs listing my house for sale by owner?

Has anyone tried listing their house for sale by owner? Why should I hire a realtor and pay 6% in commissions? thank for the help

I rent a house and the owner decided to short sale, do i still have to pay rent bec. i made an offer to buy it

I currently rent a house which the owner decided to short sale. And by short sale, the owners stopped paying their mortgage for the last 3 months while i continued to pay my rent to them. I made an offer to purchase the house. With my offer already in place, do I still have to … Continue reading

How do you go about purchasing a house that is ‘for sale by owner’?

I want to purchase a home in Texas that is being sold by the owner rather than a realtor. I have checked into land value and property values around here. The house is actually at a very good price, and had a good inspection. How do I go about purchasing a home like this? Do … Continue reading

What is the firt step if I want your house to be For Sale by Owner?

I want to sell my house by myself. But I don’t know where to start. Do I need to register first in any specific agency before putting my house in the market? Thanks.

where should I put my for sale by owner house flier?

We have made up a flier and a blog. I am putting a copy of the flier at the local library bulletin board and at work, Any other suggestions of where to put this so that my blog (house) gets the most exposure?

Does anyone know where an house is for sale by owner in jackson, Ms?

We might not can get a mortgage. Need help buying a house.

How do I place a rent-to-own offer on a house For Sale By Owner?

I’m looking to rent-to-own a house that is FSBO. In their online listing they said they are willing to do rent-to-own. I would simply like an answer to my question not a bunch of information about rent-to-own vs. buying a home. I am in Michigan if that helps.

I want to buy a house “private sale from owner” what do I need to know?

I want to buy a house. Its being sold directly from the owner. I have a pre-approval for the mortgage loan, now what do I do?? When asking questions, what do I need to know and what should I do first? I am in Canada. I would like any info possible as I am young … Continue reading

What exactly does it mean when a house is for sale by owner and it says seller will finance?

Does it mean they are the ones that approve your loan? Are they usally stricter or more leniant than a financial institution?

I was interesting in buying a house that is for sale buy owner.?

I have my own realtor but the seller , don’t want me to use my realtor so he want have to buy him comission. He said he would let me use my realtor but he would up the price of the house. So he could pay him commission and still get the asking price of … Continue reading

Can I list my house “for sale by owner” and then contact one of the people who viewed my house with an agent?

We planned on taking our house off the market on Nov 1 so we wouldn’t be hassled during the holiday season. We had a buyer and signed a contract, but her financing fell through due to ID theft. If she gets that cleaned up can I contact her to buy without notifying the agents? I … Continue reading

buying a for sale by owner house – offer letter?

I found a for fsbo house to buy and am planning to use a real estate attorney to review or to draw up a contract. My question is about the offer letter. I have financing, and know that title and inspection are the other things I need to worry about after that. The sellers are … Continue reading

can I rent a house to keep owner from doing a short sale on 2nd home?

I found a little house in Idaho that is about to go up for sale with a short sale. I have bad credit but steady income. The house is up for 40 thousand. Can I attempt to rent it from the owners to try and keep them from short selling it?

Need help putting together purchase agreement for a house. For sale by owner. How do I create?

I am the buyer, seller has to net a certain amount. The house is worth more than we are paying. We are required to put 15% down. Looking for a creative way to write up the contract where the seller nets what he wants and we can minimize downpayment.

When a house is for sale by owner do they get all the money?

So what i’m asking is if its for sale for 200,000 dollars, and its by an owner and not an agent, do they get to keep the full 200,000 dollars?

buying a house “for sale by owner”. how does it work?

I found a really nice, small house for sale by owner(a minister actually). i’m a first-time buyer so how does this work? walk me through the steps if you can! how much cash will we actually have to pay up front?(not including the mortgage loan or down payment) all the answers i got were exactly … Continue reading

Has anyone sold their house for sale by owner?

We really can not afford 6% for our agent. We are in N.C. and the houses go fast. I would like to hear from an experienced person how you go about selling your house on your own. If possible I would like to email back and forth with some questions.

How do I buy a house “for sale by owner” if s/he doesn’t want to work with my realtor?

We are househunting with a realtor we love, but if the house we want is FSBO and won’t work with our realtor, how do we make sure it will be a smooth transaction? Are there benefits/disadvantages to buying a FSBO home? Thanks!

How do you approach an owner to purchase their house if it is not for sale?

I have become interested in a summer lake house in my area owned by a couple that lives in another area most of the year. It is not currently for sale. How do I approach them about whether or not they would consider selling the house? I do not know them well so I am … Continue reading

Should I use For Sale By Owner to sell my house?

My husband and I have a small “starter” house he purchased before we married. We are now thinking of starting a family and we want a bigger house outside of the city limits so our children do not have to attend a city school. Has anyone ever used these type site/sales venues. The house is … Continue reading