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Is there a clause in joint property laws which prohibits the partial sale of a house ?

The house is ground plus one. It has three owners. One owns the ground floor and the other two own the first floor. There is a registered gift deed. No separate mutations have so far been done. Can the first floor be sold even if it is legally transferred to all. Is it legal? Please … Continue reading

can you sell a house by doing a transfer of property sale?

I bought a house, and I wanted to know if i did a transfer of property sale would the buyer be under the same mortgage that i was paying, or is it something different?

INDIANA: Board debates ways to reduce, eliminate property tax increase

INDIANA: Board debates ways to reduce, eliminate property tax increase The potential real estate tax increase for Indiana Area School District property owners continues to shrink.

Can a sibling with 1/3 interest in an inherited lake house force the sale of the property?

The two siblings who do not want to sell only have enough cash to pay the other sibling her 1/3 share at about 75% of the FMV of the property. Also, does the sibling forcing the sale have to pay for costs related to the sale if the property is sold through a realtor or … Continue reading

Do property taxes decrease due to sale of house?

If you buy a house for less than the current assessed value will the property taxes decrease? I would like to hear all opinions but I’m really interested in NY.

the house I rent is for sale, and is listed as commercial property, how would it’s sale affect my lease?

We recently re-signed our lease for a 1 year term beginning Aug 1 06, shortly thereafter, our landlord placed the property up for sale. Our property is zoned commercial and I think that’s why he did so. Should someone other than a prospective landlord purchase the house, where does that leave our lease?

Is my 6 month contract still binding if the real estate agent never responds to requests to see property?

I have signed a six month contract to buy with a specific real estate agent, but he does not return calls or e-mails to show properties I have requested to see. Can I look for properties with a new agent or is the contract binding and I have to wait until the six month lapses … Continue reading

How do I report the sale of a rental property (house) on my income tax?

Is there a special form for calculating the “adjusted basis” for the sale of a rental house? Is this something I can do on TurboTax, or should I get a tax person to do it for me. I have all the records from the time I purchased it to date and I don’t mind pouring … Continue reading

As a property owner in Colorado, how much notice do we need to give our tenant to list the house for sale?

We have signed a one year extension with our tenant. Are we required to give them advance notice to place the house on the market?

Can a real estate agent legally tell another person you are looking to buy property?

I contacted a real estate agent about some property that was for ale and then she told my landlord hat I was lookingto buy property and they are furious that we were looking to move before talking to them. Can the agent legally have told them this information?

London Property Asking Prices Increase to Record, Rightmove Says

London Property Asking Prices Increase to Record, Rightmove Says London home sellers raised asking prices to a record in April as prospective cash-rich buyers met a shortage of homes available for sale.

Is is acceptable to ask your estate agent if you can speak directly to the vendor of a property you are buying?

I don’t trust this slimy little man (the estate agent). He’s unhelpful and I would like to be able to speak and negotiate directly with the vendor about the work that needs doing etc. The thing is, I don’t want to create an embarrassing situation for the agent and myself, if it’s not the ‘done … Continue reading

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Rental Property Offers From Real Estate Agents

Paddington Estate Agent: Makes Property Investment a Simple Task

What are the drawbacks of an exclusive contract on my rental property with a real estate agent?

I have a vacation rental property in Costa Rica and I have received an offer from a real estate agent for exclusive rights to the property for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Let me hear any perceived drawbacks anyone can think of.

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How do I ensure my offer to buy a property in NYC is sent to the bank by the Real Estate Agent?

We made this offer on a property, The Real Estate Agent, who is the contact for the seller, seems to be avoiding us. The Agent ask us to left our offer ( in a folder on his desk in his office). We want to get the property and think we’ve made a reasonable offer, but … Continue reading

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I have a house for sale and live in an apartment. Can I treat the house as a rental property for tax purposes

I moved to TN and still own a townhouse in FL. It has been on the market for over a year. Can I deduct any part of the mortgage or expenses? I know I can deduct interest expense. If this were rented out, I think I would be able to deduct the HOA fees, and … Continue reading