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Looking to become a real estate agent, need help?

I am looking into becoming A real estate agent. I am a stay at home mom in Merrionette Park, IL. I know the market is bad now but I am looking to start anyways since my husbands income covers all of our bills. I was wondering if you could reccomend where in My area is … Continue reading

My home is blackballed by the previous real estate agent who owned my home,no one will show it-how can I sell?

I bought this home from a previous real estate agent who had committed fraud when she sold me the home. She was concerned that I would tell the people in the community that she was a deceitful person so she quickly blackballed me to the community. I decided it was best to just sell this … Continue reading

thinking of becoming a real estate agent?

I have been thinking of getting my real estate license in ny… is it a bad idea because of the economy or do you think it will benefit my family and I in the future?

how do i find a good real estate agent in shenzhen?

looking to open a small hotel in a good location in shenzhen. maximum 30 rooms. looking to open another hotel with 200 or more rooms

Is being a Real Estate agent a good job to have?

I’m having a hard time looking for a good paying job that I would enjoy doing and have a little more free will than the job I have now. Is getting your certification to be a real estate agent worth all the work? Is it as good of a paying job as they say? and … Continue reading

Is a Real Estate Agent a good idea?

If so what can they do for me to sell my house in CA? Moreover how to find the best one in Mission Viejo California. MICROSOFT is paying for all relocation cost if done in the next 90 days. So what should be looking out for, moreover expecting to get and not get?

Which real estate agent to hire?

I want to list my house for sale, here is the scoop. We had it listed last year with agent #1 and she did a great job. She was always responsive and helpful, although our home never sold, I trust she did everything she could. I liked her so much that I encouraged several family … Continue reading

Need a good real estate agent from Ankara?

I’m going to move to Ankara and need a real estate office. Can anybody recommend some?

Anyone know of a good Real Estate Agent in Virginia Beach?

I’m not moving far just from Carrolton to Virginia Beach but need a good agent. Thanks!

For the experienced real estate agent and brokers.is it realistic? ?

So I am a licensed real estate agent that has taken a break from work. I am going back into the field. My question to the experienced, currently working, agents and brokers is can you in this market make a six figure income in your opinion? Do you know others doing it? Is the market … Continue reading

have you ever had a pushy real estate agent ot mortgage lender?

like try to get you into something that was a bad deal, thinking they could get away with it. Just thought it would ask this, In this past i’ve had some of the sleeziest jerks to dealt with.

Where is a good place to live if I want to be a real estate agent?

Please help me. I need to find a place to live IN THE SOUTH that is good for me. I am going to become a real estate agent. What place IN THE SOUTH makes a lot of money for my job? I’m looking for a place not advice. Just a place!

Does anyone know of a really good real estate agent in the twin cities(Minnesota) area?

i just recently went through the process of buying my first home. i was referred to an agent through my lender and the agent ended up being the biggest mistake ever! She lied to us, the house was sold and we had an inspection done on it… I am desperate for a good real estate … Continue reading

How do you get rid of a bad real estate agent?

Sister’s home been on market for 3 months (Illinois). Not one time has agent personally shown house. I understand IL market is depressed but they have a 4 bdrm, 1 bath, 1600 sq ft. home (cute starter home) now lowered to $77,500 and still no sale. Your thoughts? What’s their options?

Real estate agent/broker what is it like? this ?is for agents and brokers?

im interested in becoming a real estate agent first then work my way to a broker,anybody out there that is an agent or broker could give me some advice.i enjoy working with people and have a little sale exp thanks! please answer the following what is it like? earning potential? the good bad and ugly?

Is it a good idea for me to become a real estate agent?

I am thinking about becoming an agent because it seems like the hours can be really flexible. I have 2 small children and my husband works 5pm-6am 4 nights a week on a rotation of 4nights on, 4 nights off. On his days off, he tends to stay on the night shift, not going to … Continue reading

Help a writer: How to make a link between real estate and meth houses?

I was thinking the bad guys in my story get a plan to steal a real estate agent’s computers so they can find out which houses are for sale on the market but not being lived in. They could then switch between these houses with their meth labs so they didn’t have to worry about … Continue reading

Is being a teacher and real estate agent a good idea?

Im 18 and I want to become a Graphic Design teacher but i would also like to get a license in the real estate industrie, so i can make some extra money. Is it hard to be a Real Estate Agent and a Teacher at the same time? Any help would be wonderful. Thank You.

Should I get a buyers agent when buying a house?

Did anyone have any experience with this? I just had a bad experience with an real estate agent when I said I wasn’t going to bid on a house because it was overpriced. She started arguing with me.

Question for a real estate agent?

I’ve been working with a real estate agent for a couple months. He’s shown me about 10 homes and none of them have worked for me. I recently found a house that will be sold by auction in a couple weeks that I like and want to try and buy. What should I tell my … Continue reading