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I was wondering the pro’s and con’s of hiring a realtor vs listing my house for sale by owner?

Has anyone tried listing their house for sale by owner? Why should I hire a realtor and pay 6% in commissions? thank for the help

Does anyone know where i can post my house for sale so that a realtor can grab it and sell it for me?

Or if i can just get a list of email addresses so that i can email it. Does anyone know where i can get this info online. PLEASE HELP!?

If my house is listed for sale with a realtor can I legally sell my house to a private buyer without penalty?

My house is currently listed but I personally have been approached by an individual who would like to buy directly from me.

Can I do a short sale on my house without using a realtor?

If I get an offer for my house, can I work out a short with my lender without using a realtor?

Whats a good way for me to build up client base new realtor? and whats a good way to market my house for sale?

I have already posted an add in the news paper do you think yahoo answers might be a good avenue I just don’t want sicko’s callin me?

How do I SHORT SALE a house? Do I need a realtor?

Who else is involved? What is the best way to short sale?

How do I buy a house “for sale by owner” if s/he doesn’t want to work with my realtor?

We are househunting with a realtor we love, but if the house we want is FSBO and won’t work with our realtor, how do we make sure it will be a smooth transaction? Are there benefits/disadvantages to buying a FSBO home? Thanks!

What steps should I take to put my house up for sale without using a realtor?

I want to sell my house this spring so I need to know what I should do and any advice you could give me! Thanks!

Where is the best web sites to list my house for sale. I am not using a realtor.?

I sold my last house 10 years ago using “for sale buy owner.com and I had very good results but it cost me $3,000 for pictures and lisitings. I would like to try it by myself this time since the Internet has gotten so much bigger. Can anyone help. I live 30 miles north of … Continue reading

My Realtor has put a ton of time into touring houses with me, but I found the perfect house is sale by owner?

I don’t want to have to feel guilty about buying this house. My realitor sold my house so she did make money there. What is the proper thing to do in this situation? The house is immaculate. The realtor is my cousin, the seller I’ve done business with for years….if that changes anything.

Is it possible to list a house for sale with more than 1 realtor?

we have 3 friends in the biz, and don’t want to offend any of them, so we’d like to have them each get a portion of the commission if possible. If state law would be a deciding factor, we live in Indiana.

I really would like to know if anyone can help my situation. My house is currently for sale with a Realtor ?

My house is currently for sale and is listed with a Realtor that isn’t promoting the house very well at all and is doing nothing to help it sell faster so we can be moved before winter and the projected skyrocketing gas prices hit and we are stuck paying to heat a 1 1/2 Story … Continue reading

Boulder-area Realtor convicted of raping 20-year-old babysitter

Boulder-area Realtor convicted of raping 20-year-old babysitter A member of the board of directors for the Boulder Area Realtor Association is scheduled to be sentenced in June after a jury found him guilty of raping a 20-year-old woman who was babysitting his children.

Have you tried to sell your house without an estate agent or realtor?

I have an Edwardian townhouse in Llandudno near the prom. I want to sell it for about £250,000. Should I engage an estate agent, or try to sell it on my own.

How do I go about selling my home without a realtor?

We are getting ready to sell our home in Covedale (Western Hills). We just bought it a year and a half ago but have already outgrown it- my mother-in-law moved in! We have done extensive renovations and it is a beautiful house. The problem is we need to at least get what we paid for … Continue reading

Montana Realtor using smartphone app to sell homes

Montana Realtor using smartphone app to sell homes BILLINGS- When you’re searching for a home, and you see a ‘For Sale’ sign, at least for a moment your curiosity piques. However, unless there is an open house-usually all you think to do is jot down a realtor’s number or wait to get home to find … Continue reading

I have a house for sale and a buyer that’s interested. How do I sell it with out a realtor?

Also, I live in Oklahoma but my property is in South Carolina. Any info would help. Thanks!

Has anyone ever presented a Rent To Own offer for a house for sale without using a realtor?

We found a house we love but because my husband is full commission we need three years of steadily increasing income to qualify, which won’t happen until next 2010’s tax return. The house has been on the market for a year now but still I’m afraid we’ll miss out on it. We can definitely afford … Continue reading

What is a good way to show appreciation for Realtor who did not make a lot of money off the sale of our house?

Our Realtor has worked very hard to get our house sold. But, because of the weak market we had to sell well below market value, and she is not going to make a lot of money off the sale. I am trying to think of a creative way to thank her for her efforts. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

When you list your house for sale with a realtor what percent does the realtor receive?

When we bought our house 10 years ago I think it was 3% when we sold and 3% when we bought.We are getting ready to sell our house in 1 state and buy in another. I will be moving to another state and will buy a home there. When I purchase my new home will … Continue reading