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Memorial launches $6.7 million in renovations

Memorial launches $6.7 million in renovations Construction workers aren’t taking the summer off at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center. Instead, they’re focused on $6.7 million in capital improvements that run the gamut from clinical area renovations and equipment purchases to campus renovations that improve accessibility and comfort.

Does it make sense to take a home equity loan out for $100K or so a year in advance of renovations and invest?

I’m thinking of putting it all in a couple of mutual funds or maybe half mutual funds/half CDs. I would cash out on other investments to avoid short term capital gains. I get hit with the alternative mimimum tax so my accountant said I should invest in property as in an upgrade or rental.

VIDEO: North Montco hair salon reopens after renovations

VIDEO: North Montco hair salon reopens after renovations Hankering for a new hairstyle? Need your nails done?

need to know how to do home renovations at very low costs.?

i want to do some home renovations and have no clue where to start?

i would like to do a few things 1. kitchen renovation nothing really high end but a nice kitchen with island 2. i want to put a toilet and stand up shower in the exzisting laundry room without taking the washer and dryer out 3. and exzisting bathroom needs rennovations minor stuff new bath tub … Continue reading

A Question about Home Renovations…?

I am trying to build an interrogation room a few stories underground… For the peace and quiet, you know. Any suggestions for add-ons and primitive devices of, um, information gathering? I really am not into high-tech gadgets of sophistication, like lie-detectors… I am able to detect the truth through the octave of pitch. Anyway, suggestions … Continue reading

Need help on home appraisal for a divorce with recent renovations.?

We owned the home for only 2 years during our marriage but put 14,000 into upgrades such as insulations, new bathroom floor, sink etc, new water heater, running heat ducts to each room upstairs instead of 1 vent by the steps, replaced old sliding doors with french, new front door etc.. This is 14,000 we … Continue reading

I am doing some renovations to my home and would like to buy some Traditional furniture’s and accents for my?

I am looking for bed room sets for the master bedroom. and threee more bed rooms. living room sets, dining rioom sets and accents for the rooms,

Students tour L&N before renovations for school begin

Students tour L&N before renovations for school begin Tuesday night, for the final time before the renovation begins, Knox County students were able to tour their future school, and gain insight into future courses.

what is the show on hgtv that shows 3 home renovations?

What renovations should I make to my home before I sell it?

I’m about to list my house. I want to make some renovations so I can get the best sale price. What are buyers looking for? I’m pretty sure I want to put in new cabinets and tile in the kitchen.

Anyone know of High School or College programs that allow students to work on local homeowner’s renovations?

I’m wondering if their might be programs in my community that partner local High School Vocational students or College students that would like some “Hands on” experience in the home renovation or interior design fields to use local homeowners willing to allow them to work on/in their homes doing renovation or design work in exchange … Continue reading

When I get a home loan, can I take out more than the price of the home for renovations?

I am doing this alone, no partner, husband, etc. Cost of the house is 65,000 but I want to build a garage and put up a fence for a dog.

Anyone out there in the skilled trades? Sort of home renovations.. I need help.?

Ok so i’m in my last year of high school and home renovation interests me, but I don’t want to do all the in depth hardcore things like Mike Holmes does, you know like digging up half the lawn to do foundation repairs or adding extra rooms, at least not right away. I want to … Continue reading

MVSU announces $5.5M stadium renovations

MVSU announces $5.5M stadium renovations ITTA BENA — Mississippi Valley State University has announced a $5.5 million renovation at its football stadium, including a new east grandstand.

I just bought my home in May 2008 and I need a loan for home renovations? But I am in unemployed at the moment?

Where could I go to get a Loan for like $5000??

I get very agitated during home renovations?

I find that during home renovations (which have now lasted for over 4 weeks) I become really agitated. I can’t stand having a lot of strangers in the house and I just can’t stand all the mess and disruption. Things are all out of place and there the drywall dust gets into everything and makes … Continue reading

In Canada: can you write off renovations done to your home when you file your taxes?

My husband and I did major renovations (about $90K) last year. We “added” 4 bedrooms and 2 baths to an upstairs space that was already there. We will be filing taxes soon and were wondering if we could write some of this off. We have not claimed anything to this point.

how do you find a reliable, fair-priced contractor for home repairs and renovations?

who pays for the these expensive renovations on the home shows?

They seem to get more elaborate every show.