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I rent a house and the owner decided to short sale, do i still have to pay rent bec. i made an offer to buy it

I currently rent a house which the owner decided to short sale. And by short sale, the owners stopped paying their mortgage for the last 3 months while i continued to pay my rent to them. I made an offer to purchase the house. With my offer already in place, do I still have to … Continue reading

Advice? short sale my house and live in rent to own house?

I don’t think I can afford to pay mortgage and my bills any longer. My interest is too high and with mortgage and bills, I’m paying over $8080 monthly not including spending money. My husband just started self employed and we both make about $9000 a month together and hardly have money left over. my … Continue reading

can I rent a house to keep owner from doing a short sale on 2nd home?

I found a little house in Idaho that is about to go up for sale with a short sale. I have bad credit but steady income. The house is up for 40 thousand. Can I attempt to rent it from the owners to try and keep them from short selling it?

I owe alot more on my house than its worth. Short sale or rent it or forclosure?

I want to move. My house I owe $155k and its worth maybee 120K, should I rent it out? Short sale? if Ido a short sale and keep up on all payments till it sells, how bad would it effect my credit? I have a credit score of 721 right now and dont want it … Continue reading

the house I rent is for sale, and is listed as commercial property, how would it’s sale affect my lease?

We recently re-signed our lease for a 1 year term beginning Aug 1 06, shortly thereafter, our landlord placed the property up for sale. Our property is zoned commercial and I think that’s why he did so. Should someone other than a prospective landlord purchase the house, where does that leave our lease?

Any one experienced in flipping house for sale or rent business?

Anyone know the best way to start a real estate ‘flip’ business? I would like to try beginning with something really small – I know there’s little luck in today’s economy but maybe even renting out ‘flipped’ property?

What is the easiest way to find a house for rent, rent-to-own, or a foreclosed house for sale?

I live in Johnston County, NC and plan to stay in the area. Closest towns are Benson, Dunn, Smithfield, and Four Oaks. I go to school and then work, so I can’t really drive around to look for them. If anybody has any help for me or knows anybody that I can call I would … Continue reading

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Can my landlord hire a real estate agent to show the condo I rent in GA?

I’m at the end of a 1 year lease and I live in GA, USA. My landlord wants to show the condo for sale while I’m living here, but he won’t be the one showing the apartment–a real estate agent will be showing the condo. In Georgia he does not need to give notice that … Continue reading

Has anyone ever presented a Rent To Own offer for a house for sale without using a realtor?

We found a house we love but because my husband is full commission we need three years of steadily increasing income to qualify, which won’t happen until next 2010’s tax return. The house has been on the market for a year now but still I’m afraid we’ll miss out on it. We can definitely afford … Continue reading

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Can I buy a house as a short sale if I rent it and have the same address?

I rent room in the house and the owner is doing a short sale now. Can I buy this house if I have the same address and rent room for 1,5 years?

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