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How do you handle the sale of a house with 3 owners and only one wants to sell?

1 person has 50 % ownership and the other two have 25% ownership. The only want who actually wants to sell it is the 50% owner. Can he sell it and buy out the others? Selling a house with 3 owners: One has 50% ownership…the other 2 have 25% ownership. The one who wants to … Continue reading

Should I continue to make payments on my house even though we’re about to sell it through a short sale?

Our realtor is surprised that we have continued to make payments on our house thru the drawn out short sale process. I know that most people who choose a short sale have already defaulted on their loan, however, we have not. We’ve never paid late. We’re very dedicated to having a clean credit report. (We … Continue reading

Does anyone know where i can post my house for sale so that a realtor can grab it and sell it for me?

Or if i can just get a list of email addresses so that i can email it. Does anyone know where i can get this info online. PLEASE HELP!?

If my house is listed for sale with a realtor can I legally sell my house to a private buyer without penalty?

My house is currently listed but I personally have been approached by an individual who would like to buy directly from me.

What site can I set up mobile picture messaging to sell my house so I can put a keycode on a for sale sign?

I am selling my house; how do I use mobile marketing and messaging to send picture messages and videos with a virtual property tour and info about the house to mobile phones? I want to put a keycode on my for sale sign and in classified ads.

Is there anyplace I can advertise my house for sale that will bring a buyer for sure. We need to sell before ?

we need to sell before X-Mas so we can be settled. I’m getting very frustrated after having it on the market now for over 2 years and NEED A BUYER NOW! Please help!

What happens if a house doesn’t sell at a sheriffs sale?

A house on my street was foreclosed on. It went to sheriffs sale and didn’t sell at the asking price. It has been vacant for over a year. Will they keep relisting it at a lower price?

if you put your house for sale do you have to sell it if someone offers your asking price?

if asking 200k, and a buyer offers 200k, do you have to except his offer. is there a penilty if you change your mind and do not sell it to the offerer?

Can I sell my house without posting the sign “For Sale”?

I am planning to sell my house but I don’t want to post the sign “For Sale” in front of my house. My neighbors are very noisy and I don’t want them to come over my house and start asking questions. Can I sell my house without posting the sign in front of my house? … Continue reading

can you sell a house by doing a transfer of property sale?

I bought a house, and I wanted to know if i did a transfer of property sale would the buyer be under the same mortgage that i was paying, or is it something different?

How to sell your home in a down market

How to sell your home in a down market CHICAGO — The home next door is in foreclosure. The neighbors down the street just put their house up for sale at a ridiculous discount.

Should I borrow money to sell my house or ask the bank for a short sale?

I have to sell my house and it is worth less than what I originally paid for it. Should I borrow the $25K to complete the sale (and subsequently write off the loss on my taxes) or should I try to negotiate a short sale with the bank?

Onex says it can’t find investments, companies too healthy to sell subsidiaries

Onex says it can’t find investments, companies too healthy to sell subsidiaries TORONTO – Onex Corp. (TSX:OCX) says it’s finding it hard to make new investments because corporations are more financially fit and holding on to the subsidiaries it likes to snap up.

Should I use For Sale By Owner to sell my house?

My husband and I have a small “starter” house he purchased before we married. We are now thinking of starting a family and we want a bigger house outside of the city limits so our children do not have to attend a city school. Has anyone ever used these type site/sales venues. The house is … Continue reading

Have you tried to sell your house without an estate agent or realtor?

I have an Edwardian townhouse in Llandudno near the prom. I want to sell it for about £250,000. Should I engage an estate agent, or try to sell it on my own.

Time to sell Melbourne housing?

Time to sell Melbourne housing? Australia’s hottest property market is in a precarious position as valuations become stretched, rental returns dwindle and the number of homes for sale grows. 15 Apr 2011 7:40 AM

Montana Realtor using smartphone app to sell homes

Montana Realtor using smartphone app to sell homes BILLINGS- When you’re searching for a home, and you see a ‘For Sale’ sign, at least for a moment your curiosity piques. However, unless there is an open house-usually all you think to do is jot down a realtor’s number or wait to get home to find … Continue reading

I have a house for sale and a buyer that’s interested. How do I sell it with out a realtor?

Also, I live in Oklahoma but my property is in South Carolina. Any info would help. Thanks!

Sell My House Quick: Insider-Secret for Locating Buyers in a Distressed Market

Can I sell my house as a short sale with tenants living in it?

I have a contract with a property manager who has the house rented until Feb. I have been told by the bank to sell the house as a short sale. Can I sell the house as a short sale or will it be forced into foreclosure?