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I am selling my house in FL. Will court judgments against me be deducted from the sale of the house?

While I owned a small contacting buisness in Seminole county FL,There were several unfavorable judgements filed against me. I am concerned that the when I close on the house next month that the judgements may be deducted from the sale of the home. These are judgements against me. There are no liens on the house … Continue reading

I am considering selling my house as a distressed sale rather than doing a forclosure….?

I now my house will be sold for less than i paid for it. Will I be responsible for the difference? Lets say I paid 300,000 for the house and it sold for 100,000. Will I still be responsible to pay back the 200,000 under the distressed sale?

Rockford man gets prison time for selling drugs

Rockford man gets prison time for selling drugs A Rockford man will go to prison for selling drugs.

Claiming the home selling exemption when you sale a house?

I sold a house in 2005 and claim the house selling exemption for my capitol gains and that time I was single. I got married in 2006 and before I got married my spouse sold her house and made a profit on it. We are now filing a joint return. Can we claim the capitol … Continue reading

how does a real estate agent get paid? how much taxes do i pay after selling my house?

How much would I have to pay a real estate agent if i want to sell my house for $170K? Would I pay taxes on the whole amount of the sale or just the profit? How much mark up should use as a starting point? for example list at $177K and work down from there? … Continue reading

Selling a house “for sale by owner” any ideas?

I listed the last house I sold but this time I would like to try it myself. Has anyone ever done it? Any tricks or anything you learned in the process? Thanks

Does a real estate agent get payed extra when selling a HUD home?

My real estate agent has been steering me toward purchasing a HUD home lately, I was just wondering if they get extra incentives?

Selling a home without a real estate agent?

I am selling my home and do not want to use a real estate agent. I know that some people out there will say that I should, but I already have a buyer, we have agreed on a price and don’t feel we should hire an agent so they can take their commission for nothing … Continue reading

How do I go about selling my home without a realtor?

We are getting ready to sell our home in Covedale (Western Hills). We just bought it a year and a half ago but have already outgrown it- my mother-in-law moved in! We have done extensive renovations and it is a beautiful house. The problem is we need to at least get what we paid for … Continue reading

I’m thinking of selling my house for sale by owner. Who is responsible for the legal fees?

Who is responsible for the legal fees and appraisal and all that comes with selling a house on your own?

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Can i include the cost of replacing the flooring and other repairs into the sale price of selling my home?

i was told by a co-worker that real estate agent or broker will sometime be able to upgrade floors, kitchens and bathrooms and pass the cost of renovations in price of home? is this true? can i go this route instead of homeowner covering the cost of renovations up front?

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Do I have to pay the deficiency, when I am selling my house under a short sale?

I recently put my house up for a short sale, due to the economic times and hardships on my personal finances. The lending company is now saying that I owe a deficiency of over 100K, from my second mortgage. It is also in the contract, written up by the bank. Do I have to pay … Continue reading

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