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Should I continue to make payments on my house even though we’re about to sell it through a short sale?

Our realtor is surprised that we have continued to make payments on our house thru the drawn out short sale process. I know that most people who choose a short sale have already defaulted on their loan, however, we have not. We’ve never paid late. We’re very dedicated to having a clean credit report. (We … Continue reading

If a house is about to be foreclosed on in one month, can a short sale prolong that process’?

If a house is in the middle of a short sale, can the bank still foreclose on the house. Or is there still hope?

If a house is in pre foreclosure do you have to do a short sale?

House is in pre forclosure and I dont want to do a short sale. Can i sell it as a regular sale, pay the bank and keep some profit for myself?

Have you bought a house through short sale?

Did you pay the asking price, or did you get it below what they were asking? How soon did you hear back from the lender? I have made several offers a month ago (close to asking price) and have not heard back a thing. Just wondering if this is normal or not.

I rent a house and the owner decided to short sale, do i still have to pay rent bec. i made an offer to buy it

I currently rent a house which the owner decided to short sale. And by short sale, the owners stopped paying their mortgage for the last 3 months while i continued to pay my rent to them. I made an offer to purchase the house. With my offer already in place, do I still have to … Continue reading

Has anyone bought a House that was a Short Sale ?

Or made a offer on a house that was a short sale? If so tell me about it and if you sold a house that was a short sale tell me how that went. I need a little bit of hope because my boyfriend and I have an offer on a short sale.

Can a person be authorized for a short sale of his house if he is not in any financial trouble?

Say you just want to move but you’re upside down on your house. 2 incomes, manageable debt, no foreclosure pending. Can you short-sell?

I am closing in to buy a short sale house, As an addendum I got a bonus .. is there a risk?

Seller will pay for Title insurance if I agree to go by a specific title company (Fidelity in this case). Why would they do that ?

What does it mean when a house is a “short sale” ?

We want to buy a house and it is great in every way, but we were reading the description and it said that it was a short sale. What does it mean? And also, is it bad if a house is so close to the railroad it seems like it is in your backyard? ( … Continue reading

We are putting our house in a short sale, what is the cheapest way to attract a buyer?

We are delinquent and to avoid foreclosure we are going to try a short sale, but my sister did this and 9 months later after only one offer that was denied by her bank, her home is being auctioned off this month and I want to try and make sure I get more than one … Continue reading

What do we do with the house, foreclosure, short sale, what?

My aging parents need to move closer to me (they are 800 miles away). They have a home but owe about what its worth or less. They couldn’t sell it and pay a realtor and closing costs. They are current on payments and can just barely afford them, but what they need is to be … Continue reading

When a house is going into foreclosure can you ask the homeowner for a short sale or do you have to wait?

Me & my boyfriend found a house that we like, it was up for sale and now it just started to go into foreclosure. I just want to know do we have to wait until its in foreclosure an the people are no longer live there to go an buy it or can you talk … Continue reading

Can I do a short sale on my house without using a realtor?

If I get an offer for my house, can I work out a short with my lender without using a realtor?

While waiting for a bank to decide on a short sale who pays ongoing costs of empty house?

Does the seller pay the mortgage, taxes, utilities on a house with an offer waiting for bank approval? Once the bank approves and accept the short sale offer might there be additional charges if the seller has not been paying mortgage on a home where he no longer lives? If they accept my offer do … Continue reading

Offer accepted by sellers in short sale home – but should I continue my house search?

I’ve been researching and learning short sales can take MONTHS to complete… so in the meantime, should I continue my search for a house, or just wait around for the short sale to come through?

What is a short sale and how long you have to wait to buy another house again?

I heard a short sale in when you can pay or can sell your house for the amount you bought it for… For example I bought my house for $235k and now it cost between $170k to $190k, so it is upside downs for around $60k. I heard that I can hire a realtor he … Continue reading

how to start putting my house for short sale?

can i claim taxes on my losses? also, is the bank going to look into my other assets? like jobs and my 2nd home?

I’m in Foreclosure. I keep getting investors who want to short sale my house. How can I trust them?

I’ve had a few offers from companies to do a loan modification for me. Would that be better?

Buying a short sale house requirements?

I was wondering if buying a foreclosed home in Manteca,CA would required me to put a down payment when buying the home? If so what is the minimum required? I would prefer not putting any thing down for a downpayment at all. Im actually trying to buy a new home but they require 3% down … Continue reading

If I start to negotiate a short sale on my house can my retirement (403b, IRA) be touched?

I know that banks look at your assets when negotiating short sales, but are retirement accounts included. Is there a way to hide that money or any money? I am drowning under my mortgage, but I don’t want foreclosure and bankruptsy. I owe 556,000 combined two mortgages and I still can’t sell my house at … Continue reading