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Should we do an appraisal on our own BEFORE putting our house up for sale?

Or should we just go with the BUYER’S appraisal and leave it at that?

How soon should I buy a house to save on the tax on the sale of my current house?

We are using the sale proceeds as a down payment for the next. Is there tax? Or is there a break on tax for using it towards our next home? Help please. We are using the sale proceeds as a down payment for the next. Is there tax? Or is there a break on tax … Continue reading

Should I continue to make payments on my house even though we’re about to sell it through a short sale?

Our realtor is surprised that we have continued to make payments on our house thru the drawn out short sale process. I know that most people who choose a short sale have already defaulted on their loan, however, we have not. We’ve never paid late. We’re very dedicated to having a clean credit report. (We … Continue reading

How soon after a house is listed for sale should the “broker preview” or “agent showing” be held?

Our house has been on the market for nearly 12 weeks and ours has yet to be scheduled; they keep getting canceled at the last minute. I feel this is a HUGE problem with our agent/listing agency. Am I right?

my mother has passed away in europe. What inheritance tax should I expect here in USA for $20k from house sale?

proceeds. We have paid 10% locally already in Europe. Thanks! We have paid a 10% local inheritance tax already before pay out. Thanks!

where should I put my for sale by owner house flier?

We have made up a flier and a blog. I am putting a copy of the flier at the local library bulletin board and at work, Any other suggestions of where to put this so that my blog (house) gets the most exposure?

Should I pay for a home inspection before I place my Dads house up for sale ?

The house is now 50 yrs old and I am in the process of a total remodel. I just dont want any surprises when I put the house on the market

Offer accepted by sellers in short sale home – but should I continue my house search?

I’ve been researching and learning short sales can take MONTHS to complete… so in the meantime, should I continue my search for a house, or just wait around for the short sale to come through?

how should i search house for sale on internet?i need website name?

my parents are looking for buying house.i dont know where am i looking on internet.

I need to have a yard sale but my house is down a hill on a very busy street, no parking. What should I do?

Cars can’t pull over and park, it would be too dangerous. Nearest parking would be around the corner. Also, its hard to see the house from the street because of the trees. I’ve been donating some stuff but I feel like I’m throwing money away. Anyone else have this problem?

Should I borrow money to sell my house or ask the bank for a short sale?

I have to sell my house and it is worth less than what I originally paid for it. Should I borrow the $25K to complete the sale (and subsequently write off the loss on my taxes) or should I try to negotiate a short sale with the bank?

need advice on putting house up for sale, what questions should I ask when consulting with realtors?

I also would like to know if I should fix everything wrong or sale as is, I want to sale it quickly more than I want to make a big profit, would it be easier to sale it myself or through a realtor?

Short Sale offers, how much should I list my house for?

My house has been for sale for a year now and I can no longer afford to make payments. I want to try to do a short sale before I consider foreclosure, but the bank will give me no suggstions as to how much an acceptable lowball offer would be. I owe 165,000 on the … Continue reading

What should I know about buying a “short sale” house?

I understand there is no warranty and the buyer has to pay all the closing costs. Can I offer lower than the short sale listing price?

I noticed a decent house for sale for less than $70k. I’m really interested in it. What should be next move?

I’m a little low on funds thanks to my kids mother. Any advice would be helpful. Also anyone know about the $8000 1st time buyer tax credit and can I use that as down payment?

Living Space: Cooking ranges – should you go pro?

Living Space: Cooking ranges – should you go pro? Before plunking down $6,000 or more for a professional range, it helps to understand your home’s needs first. The kitchen is the one room that can make or break a buying decision.

What steps should I take to put my house up for sale without using a realtor?

I want to sell my house this spring so I need to know what I should do and any advice you could give me! Thanks!

Should I use For Sale By Owner to sell my house?

My husband and I have a small “starter” house he purchased before we married. We are now thinking of starting a family and we want a bigger house outside of the city limits so our children do not have to attend a city school. Has anyone ever used these type site/sales venues. The house is … Continue reading

I live in NYC. How can I become a real estate agent? What school should I go to?

I am giving myself the next 1.5 years to become a real estate agent & tax preparer. I have already started the tax thing. If nothing becomes of this, it’s ok with me. The personal knowledge is worth it.

Should I purchase a HIP myself or get it from the estate agent?

If I get the HIP through the estate agent does it belong to me? Can I keep this if I decide to move agents?