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in UK law what is Trust of Land and Appointments of Trustees Act 1996 in terms of joint house ownership?

My partner wants to end our relationship and sell our house. (2/3 of the property is in her name at her request at the start of our co-habitation because she has 2 adult offspring and I one from former relationships. We have been living together for 7+years) A letter has been served to me by … Continue reading

what are the steps to buying a house?

right im doing school work at the moment and i cant find any thing to do with what im looking for(the steps to buying a house) could you please help ive already gotten make offer offer accepted solicitor but i just cant find any where that have the steps to buying a house could you … Continue reading

Buying House Legal Problems Can She Claim Costs?

My sister has been buying a flat, all seemed OK and she has a solicitor with the normal buying fees (about £1000). She has now come across some really big problems with the purchase caused by the vendors. Firstly they are unwilling to provide insurance on the common shared parts, hallway, roofs etc. Secondly it … Continue reading

Buying a house and need help?

I am buying a house and I think that my solicitor is not doing his job properly and is quite unprofessional is there anyone I can contact about this PLEASE HELP

help with house buying problems?

hi there, can anyone help please? we are buying a house from a divorced couple. the woman is still living in the house at the moment. the price has been agreed and has been accepted in writing by both people also all the house contents have been agreed and signed by both people. we have … Continue reading

A question about conveyancing and getting it done by a solicitor abroad?

Well I am just about to buy my house but a friend of mine has told me that i can get my conveyancing work done by a firm of solicitors based in India? He said its a fraction of the price and they are all legally certified to carry out the necessary documentation? Anyone know … Continue reading

should you use a solicitor in your own area or that of the area you are moving to when buying a new house?

I want to buy a house in the Shetland Islands, should I use a solicitor there to act on my behalf or one from my own town

I am in the dark when it comes to buying a house?

I am going to buy a house but i dont know a thing about where to start except that i have just arrange a veiwing, could someone tell me, do you need a solicitor if you want to buy a house outright ( no morgage) ? and if so, do you have to find your … Continue reading

Should I rent my house to a tenant claiming Housing Benefit in Surrey?

Hello, we have recently brought a 4 bedroom house. We are planning to rent it ASAP, so that we dont have to keep paying mortgages from our own pocket. We already have another house where i live in. So honestly speaking, we cant afford 2 mortageges for a very long time. We have few vieiwing … Continue reading

Conveyancing in Sheffield?

Am looking for a conveyancer to do the legal work for a sale and purchase of properties in Sheffield/Doncaster. Conveyancers seem a lot cheaper than going via a solicitor, but I’ve only used a solicitor in the past. Has anyone used one? Better or worse than going via a solicitor? Can anyone recommend one?

Will my house sale finally complete tomorrow?

I have been messed around for 12 wks by my solicitor who for the past 10 days has promised ‘it will happen today’, am rapidly loosing the will……….

my will states that after my death my house must be sold. can my son stay here if my other children agree?

My house is stated in my will to be sold and the proceeds to be split between my 3 children. However , my youngest son has moved in with me to look after me. After my death i would like him to be able to stay in the house for a year or so so … Continue reading

Why do I have to pay the solicitor?

I know when I buy my next house a solicitor has searches, land registry etc., to look into, but why charge to sell my house, when I already have to pay the estate agent their fee, after all they are selling my house, the solicitor is`nt. Surely the buyer of my house, instructs his solicitor … Continue reading

Once I get my mortgage offer, can I change my solicitor and provide new solicitor details to the Lender?

I have got my mortgae offer and i have not signed yet….I want to change the soicitor for conveyancing. Will the lender agree to this?

House “sale agreed?” Help?

Is it right that a seller can agree a sale figure with me for his property, but continue to take viewers and offers while i set up a mortgage, pay for a survey and employ a solicitor? This would mean that the price i have negoiated can be raised by another buyer one week before … Continue reading

Is my solicitor culpable?

I purchased a home employing a solicitor to do the conveyancing.It transpires that the title was never transferred to my name although I have been paying the mortgage on the property which the bank agreed to. What culpability does the lawyer have and what recourse do I have?

I need 2 know about d.i.y. conveyancing?

Ihave sold a house & completed the deal & need to sign over the deeds. how can I do this without using a solicitor?

i signed a contract for the house im buying last wednesday but solicitor said still not legally binding?

the seller signed aswell but as the house has a carport my solicitor is doing some enquiries into that. He wants to know something about construction etc. We were due to complete 2nd april but i hope it doesnt delay us. My solicitor just wants the other parties soliticitor to confirm its just a sheet … Continue reading

how much are solicitors fees in Uk for house buying?

I was just wondering how much are solicitors fees when buying a house and how do i go about finding a solicitor?

The solicitors acting for both parties buying a house, should i be concerned about this?

The solicitors taking care of our house purchase have told us that they are acting for the seller as well after they took our £250 deposit for their work . They say it is not a problem and do it all the time, should i change solicitor and am i able to get my £250 … Continue reading