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Quality legal aid is hard to find as lawyers and solicitors aren’t up to the job

How much does a solicitor cost typically when buying a house in Glasgow?

I am buying a place in glasgow was wondering what the solicitors fees typically tend to be.

Can anyone recommend a good conveyancing solicitor either in Bristol or Wales?

My partner and i are buying a property and we have been quoted £650 for a solicitor via the estate agent ( so the solicitor is not independent). This amount is apparently fixed and if the sale does not go through we do not pay anything. I have asked around family and friends for a … Continue reading

Signed contracts on sale of house, but sellers looking for more time?

As first time buyers, we and the sellers have signed contracts. However our solicitor received a phone call the day before we were to get the keys. The sale of the house the sellers were buyg has fallen through. We have given them a weeks grace. But we’re worried. Are they legally entitled to more … Continue reading

A question about conveyancing and getting it done by a solicitor abroad?

Well I am just about to buy my house but a friend of mine has told me that i can get my conveyancing work done by a firm of solicitors based in India? He said its a fraction of the price and they are all legally certified to carry out the necessary documentation? Anyone know … Continue reading

Recommend a Family Law solicitor firm in North Dublin?

Can anyone recommend a firm of solicitors who specialise in family law and conveyancing in North Dublin.? and did you win ?

conveyancing procedure ?

In England, if selling property to prospective buyer and also buying another property at same time, what confirmation/ correspondence is expected from all parties/ estate agents/ solicitors, and in what order?. Shell, your answer was most enlightening. NOT.

solicitors when buy a house?

I am looking to buy my first house and am about to sort out my mortgage. I have been looking around for solicitors and they seem to chrge vastly different amounts for the same service. What should I look for when choosing a solicitor, or should I simply go for the cheapest??

ILEX course or CLT paralegal?

I work in a solicitors and have recently finished an ilex certificate in land and property transactions. I’ve been looking into the CLT paralegal course but someone has mentioned the ILEX level 3 and level 6 courses. Which ones am i better off doing? I have already decided Conveyancing is the department for me so … Continue reading

We are selling our house and I have a question about “fixtures and fittings”?

When we moved in I saw the previous owners leave with the loft ladder. Not a great issue, I replaced it with one from a DIY shop. It cost about £30. Now the house I am moving to doesn’t have one. The fixtures and fittings list we filled in for their solicitors, didn’t detail a … Continue reading

What do I need to do to buy a house?

Can someone give me a breakdown of all the things i need to do to buy a house. E.g. solicitors, mortgage brokers etc. As I don’t know where to start and would apprechiate some help/advice. (I’m in the U.K.)

ex partner, house sale trouble any ideas what I can do?

I split up with my ex over three months ago and up and til 6 weeks ago (except for issues with him paying the mortgage which have been resolved by his father paying it) its was going well, It got sold subject to contract within a week of going on the market but now he … Continue reading

What can you do, when there is no communication?

If the solicitors concerned in the selling and buying of two houses,apparently are not communicating important facts to each other, will I ever take possession of new house. Something important has cropped up, which is holding up the sale, the estate agent informed me about it, he was told by my prospective buyer`s solicitor of … Continue reading

Having a nightmare with our house buyer, what can we do?

We have sold our house and due to move next Tuesday. This was all finalised on Monday by both party’s solicitors. We have booked the removal company, signed the contract for our new home (we are renting), changed the children’s schools and childcare (we are moving 120 miles away from where we currently live), my … Continue reading

how to go about buying commercial land that is not for sale?

I want to buy a scrap of land next to my house to use as parking. Currently it has bushes and shrubs on it which are maintained by the comapny who own the land. We want to offer to buy this land, but are not sure how to start- should we involve solicitors straight away? … Continue reading

How long does it take for a house sale to go through?

Just put an offer in for a house, mortgage has been approved and we go to sign tomorrow I’ve instructed the solicitors to go ahead today how long do you think it will take for everything to go through?

How long after the contracts are signed for the sale of house should i expect funds to be in my bank account?

Just after a ball park kind of figure. The recipients of the funds are divided 4 ways which adds to the complication. But surely solicitors work out how much each individual person gets when the final price of the house is agreed?

No Move No Fees Conveyancers?

Hi Currently I am having conveyancing services from a firm claiming No Move No Fees services, anyone else has expreience of dealing with such firms/solicitors?

House Purchase whats needed?

I am about to buy a little property (this week) This will be a cash sale. Im cutting solicitors out, because this is a straight forward transactionI Right to buy from council. after the council sign over the property, my next port of call will be the land registry, (what is required at this stage.) … Continue reading

need a recommendation for someone who can create and submit a planning application in northamptonshire?

previous owners of my house erected a wickes 12ft*12ft conservatory in approx 1997. I bought the house in 2000. Normally conservatories aren’t a problem, but due to restrictive covenants on the land my house was built on… everything needs planning permission. My solicitor for the sale didn’t spot this, and the vendor’s solicitor made statements … Continue reading