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Have you ever heard of a real estate agent charging a retainer fee?

I have never heard of such, but I have a friend that had a real estate agent try to charge a retainer fee because gas is expensive. WTH!

Where can I find a black Real Estate agent?

I am looking for a black Real Estate agent in Hillsborough, Manatee or Sarasota County, Florida.

Is it wise to become a real estate agent in california these days?

I was thinking of doing something in real estate, become an agent, appraiser or investor. Not too sure. But the market being the way it is in California, is there still money in it? What do you think the best idea would be? What will be the steps to start doing any of these? any … Continue reading

Whats the best way for a Real Estate Agent to get Leads?

Looking to get into Real Estate, would like to know whats the best way to advertise yourself to get people to use you and not another agent. I don’t know to many people, so networking within my group of friends and family isn’t going to go to far.

what can you do when a real estate agent list your home in the paper at the wrong price?

We have a home that a real estate agent listed in the paper for almost 5 thousand dolloars more then what we had agreed on, now when it is corected it may look like we reduced our price coasting us time and money.

I live in NYC. How can I become a real estate agent? What school should I go to?

I am giving myself the next 1.5 years to become a real estate agent & tax preparer. I have already started the tax thing. If nothing becomes of this, it’s ok with me. The personal knowledge is worth it.

Can I work part-time as a real estate agent?

I recently got my real estate salesperson license and know this is the career I want to pursue. However, I am currently a full-time Master’s student. Does anyone know if companies would allow me to work as a part-time real estate agent? For what it’s worth, I’m done with classes by noon every day and … Continue reading

Do I need a release letter to fire my real estate agent?

I want to fire my real estate agent because in 2 months my property has not even been listed. I did sign a listing agreement but there’s no date on it other than by my signature. Do I need a release letter from the broker in this case? And who is the broker? The owner … Continue reading

Anyone know a sexy and seductive philadelphai real estate agent?

First time home buyer that wants to make it a fun experience. Why not have a sexy agent if I am going to buy real estate? Looking for a seductive female agent in philadelphia. Please send pics and I look forward to working with you!

how much money can a real estate agent just starting out make in miami beach?

I’m about to start studying for a license in real estate and want to start making money right away. I’m a total go getter and will work 80 hours a week if i have to. how much money can i make starting out as a new agent in south beach? and what do i have … Continue reading

Real estate agent moving to another state?

I’m planning on becoming a real estate agent within the next few months (taking courses and then applying for my license and taking the state exam.) I also am contemplating on moving to california, I live in Michigan right now. Should I get my license here in MI first? Or should I wait until I … Continue reading

Should I purchase a HIP myself or get it from the estate agent?

If I get the HIP through the estate agent does it belong to me? Can I keep this if I decide to move agents?

Can I be a real estate agent in multiple states if I take each state’s exam?

I am in the process of obtaining my Texas Real Estate Licence. I would like to be able to practice in FL and CA if possible. If i go through the necesssary state requirements, can i be an agent in more than one state? If so, for how long?

How much is it to list on the MLS for a real estate agent for their client in CA?

Do you need to be a broker to do this, or can you do it yourself if you are a real estate agent??

How to become a Real Estate Agent in Beverly Hills?

Okay so I would like to become a real estate agent in Beverly Hills. I want to sell high end and million dollar properties. I am good with people, and I love neat houses. I also like Beverly Hills. What kind of training and education would I need? If you can help that would be … Continue reading

How to become a real estate agent?

I’m a Sophomore in High School and would like to become a real estate agent. What classes should I take and how do you become one. Do you need college. I have a 3.7 GPA.

Thinking of getting license to work as a part time real estate agent?

I have a full time job but the pay isn’t enough for bills/student loans. I have been considering entering the real estate agent field but I know there are a lot of agents and it will require a lot of time. But how possible is it to be a part time agent while keeping a … Continue reading

Is there anyone who is currently working as a real estate agent that I can email and ask a few questions?

I am thinking of going to school and becoming a real estate agent, but would like to talk to an actual agent first and ask a few questions. If there is anyone willing to talk with me please let me know. It would be a great help.

Is my 6 month contract still binding if the real estate agent never responds to requests to see property?

I have signed a six month contract to buy with a specific real estate agent, but he does not return calls or e-mails to show properties I have requested to see. Can I look for properties with a new agent or is the contract binding and I have to wait until the six month lapses … Continue reading

Who is the best real estate agent in Corpus Christi TX and why?

I am looking to put my house in the market and I am looking for the best Real Estate Agent in Corpus Christi TX. Can you name him/her and why.