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if you loose money on the sale of a house, does can the loss be a tax write off?

Also if your tenant missed paying you the rent in Decemeber is the loss in rental income a tax write off against your normal income?

How do I claim the sale of my mothers house on my taxes?

My mother passed away, her house was sold, the money divided, and I received $33,000. I have no idea how I am to claim this on my taxes, and would rather not pay some one to to them.

What are the tax implications from receiving proceeds from the sale of a house that was left as inheritance?

Are there capital gains taxes? Does this get added to total income?

Neighbor is criticizing my house I have for sale?

I have a house that needs some work that Im selling as a handy man special. I buy and sell house for a living and have done this for years. But the guy that owns the property next door and around the house keeps coming over when the realtor is there with a potential buyer … Continue reading

how do you find a haunted house for sale in Illinois?

I’ve always wanted to live in an old haunted house and i was wondering the easiest way to find one. i most certainly don’t want to get hurt or anything but i think ghosts are neat and i love Victorian houses and i think it would be cool if it was haunted. just sayin, ghosts … Continue reading

How do you handle the sale of a house with 3 owners and only one wants to sell?

1 person has 50 % ownership and the other two have 25% ownership. The only want who actually wants to sell it is the 50% owner. Can he sell it and buy out the others? Selling a house with 3 owners: One has 50% ownership…the other 2 have 25% ownership. The one who wants to … Continue reading

How does buying a house through a Tax Sale work?

My husband wants to buy a house through a tax sale he says at the beginning of the year at the courthouse you can get a list of houses coming up for sale, he says that you can get a house VERY cheap like 600 to 5000.00 is tht true? BUT do you have to … Continue reading

calculate capital gains on house sale?

1993 Parent takes principle residence and divides as follows: 1/3 parent 1/3 daughter 1/3 son All three are tenants in common and house is worth 160,000 709 filed with irs 2006 Day before parent dies, parent share divided between daughter and son still tenants in common. Daughter has lived in house the entire time therefore … Continue reading

Would spouse be entitled to % of equity or sale price in house?

Going through a divorce in MI. The house is 5 years old & doesn’t have much equity built. My name wasn’t on the house, however it was a marital purchase, which I’m told would still give me some kind of claim. I’m wondering if I would have a claim only on a percentage of the … Continue reading

Best way to minimize taxes on sale of a house.?

I am getting ready to sell a house in Lousiana. I moved to Kansas a couple of years ago for a job, and bought a house here last year with no money down (it was all tied up in the other house). I am concerned that I will show a decent profit on the old … Continue reading

I was wondering the pro’s and con’s of hiring a realtor vs listing my house for sale by owner?

Has anyone tried listing their house for sale by owner? Why should I hire a realtor and pay 6% in commissions? thank for the help

Anyone know of a house for sale preferable a foreclure, I’m looking for a good deal?

I am looking for 3bd, 1 or 2 ba a basement and enough yard for a pool and my 2 dogs.

I just received a letter about a foreclosure sale on the house that I am renting.?

I needed to know if my lease would remain in affect and if not do I have to move on the sale date.

What if my house is on the Ave and I have a garage sale and people barely pass by?

I need to know how to make people actually buy something from my sale and how because noone barely passes my house……..

Should we do an appraisal on our own BEFORE putting our house up for sale?

Or should we just go with the BUYER’S appraisal and leave it at that?

In bankruptcy, who could I sale my house to for profit?

I just filed bankruptcy. The balance and interest fees are less than the value of the home.

An attorney put papers to sale my house w/ the county in TX bc of unpaid homeowners association?

Can I still pay them to stop the process?

Can I put my house up for sale in the UK with more than one estate agent?

If so, if my house sold with one estate agent would I still have to pay both of them?

If I want to post my house for sale, what’s the best website (besides craigslist) to post it on?

Or what type of simple marketing plan can I pursue to make sure my house listing have the widest reach?

Where’s the best place to advertise my house for sale?

I’m looking for online websites, but any offline suggestions are welcome. For free or minimal cost. Thanks